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    VBA - Important Excel sheets into Access Table

    Hello the following code works great for importing Excel sheets into an Access table. The only issue is, the InputPath contain around 29 subfolders that sit within the Testing folder. Ideally I would like to alter this code slightly so it looks in those subfolders. Many thanks Public...
  2. C

    Export from access to excel then convert to PDF

    I have VBA cmd button that exports data from access to excel sheets. This works great, but I need to then make PDF's. Can this be done all from the access side on the export. Or, do I have to set up a macro or vba on the excel side to convert to pdf? This is a sample code I have already on...
  3. C

    Scanning Access Modules from Excel

    Hi, I can't seem to spot an existing thread on this, if I'm wrong then do refer me. Anyway, I've got an Excel file that I've documented my Excel/SQL work in and I wanted to pull through Access linkages into it. Essentially, I want to have an Excel sub that looks at an access database, scans...
  4. A

    Access Importing Problem

    Hi Guys, I made a Database already, I need to make a button in Access, Whenever i will press that button it will pop up the to select the files to import and then directly import it. IF thats not poossible then whenever i press the button it will check the folder if i found any new file it...
  5. A

    Access Importing Problem

    Hi Guys, I am trying to Import the the files from Excel, but when i am appending the second file its not showing the records or data in sheet. Any Idea whats wrong? Thanks
  6. R

    How to make Excel recognize ".accbd" files?

    Greetings! Well this is my first post and I'm not a native speaker, so if asomething isn't clear enough, just ask me... I have a code in Excel to export data from Access, but apparently it doesn't recognize ".accbd" as a valid extension for an Access file. The code is: Sub ExtraiVarias()...
  7. Z

    Excel 2007 VBA: how to build a table from various spreadsheets?

    Hello, I'm starting out on VBA and have been looking for a solution online, but have not found what can help my question. I try to build a table with various formulas in Excel 2007 using VBA. The base data are in 2 different spreadsheets and I will build the table in a 3rd sheet of the same...
  8. C

    Excel VBA Project? Maybe!

    I have a general question and I'm not sure where to begin, literally. Can you please leave any direction at a fairly high level so I have the chance to try to figure it out for myself? Here's my initial plan, but here's the issue! I don't know where to start. Where would I begin with this? Would...
  9. A

    EXCEL VBA Macro help

    Hi: I've been trying to write a macro to be able to open multiple hyperlinks all at once. Currently, I have to check thousands of URLs, some of which get removed due to copyright infringement on YouTube. My objective is to be able to track those URLs that have been deleted. I found the...
  10. J

    Concatenate Columns using VBA

    Hi Guys, I need a code that will perform below requirements. Excel VBA Concatenate Columns from A1 to AZ1 and so on.. then it will loop untill it reaches to last row e.g A10000 to B10000 and so on.. refer to below: A1 = ABC B1 = DEF C1 = GHI A2 = 123 B2 = 456 C2 = 789 result in the other...
  11. T

    Updating Access table from Excel

    I have an excel workbook that is a DB query from Access. The users send this "report" out to their vendors for updates. I want them to be able to import the data back into access and run the update queries from the Excel workbook. I "THINK" what I need is VBA code that will copy the open...
  12. A

    VBA Code: (NEED HELP) Import files to Access & Run/Export Queries

    I’m trying to automate a task that I perform daily at work using VBA. I’ve used very basic VBA code to manipulate data in excel before, but never anything involving access. Below, are the instructions that I’m hoping to convert to VBA code. I would be more than grateful for any...
  13. A

    lookup from Excel into Access

    Hi all, I need some professional advice. I'm new to VBA and have very limited knowledge. But I need to create a macro that will automate some information me. See below for my problem/situation. I have multiple accounts that have different product codes on there such as… Act 1. Prod Code...
  14. N

    Help! Collating with VBA (I think?)

    Hi, I need to reformat some data I received before I can put it into my statistical software. This programming stuff is all pretty new to me, so any input broken down as simply as possible would be greatly appreciated. I have data on every student that was enrolled at my school for each...
  15. D

    Exporting to CSV based on column/cell location.

    I have a bit of a tricky problem. Hopefully someone can help me because this one has me a little stumped. I'm pretty new to Access and VBA for Access is not the same animal I know from other Office apps. After exporting to Excel and running a module to remove the unnecessary data (which I...
  16. P

    Compile Error:Sub or Function not defined

    I tried converting an excel 2003 wb to 2007 and recieved this error message when clicking one of the macro enabled comboboxes in the wb: Compile error: Sub or Fuction not defined Private Sub Combobox2_Change() Call include_logo (Combobox2.Value) End Sub I didn't write the VBA code so I...
  17. K

    can I Import Multiple Fixed Width Files at once

    Is it possible to import multiple fixed with files at once? I can make the following work, but I do not know how to allow the user to search for a file. Sub OpenTextFile() Const xlFixedWidth = 2 <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Set...
  18. V

    Formatting currency in vba

    I am building a spreadsheet in Access vba and storing numbers (currency) values in cells. When I open the spreadsheet after creation I see negative amounts are red. How can I make them display black?

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