vba activecell problem

  1. K

    Problem with my code! Please help me fix!

    Hi, Not sure why this is happening. I have buttons located on column N and Column X. They show and hide Columns O-Q and Y-AG, respectively. I thine have code in the sheet to expand columns when activated so that the user can clearly read the choices in the data validation list. However, now...
  2. G

    VBA code for cut and paste in a loop

    Hi Knowledgeable people I am a novice Excel VBA user who is trying to create a cut and paste procedure that moves every second cell in a column of data up adjacent to the first cell and then deletes the blank line. ie. Raw data in column A is: Number 1 Description 1 Number 2 Description 2...
  3. M

    VBA sum

    I want to create a vba sum routine on change the scenario is this: If an entry is made in cell D10 then the following formula is used: =C10-E10-F10-G10If an entry is made in cell G10 then the following formula is used: =(C10-D10)-E10-F10If a dipstick goes to D10 and puts in an entry and then...
  4. T

    VBA to get actual cell address from filtered list

    Hope you guys can help This is probably really simple. I have about 1000 rows of data in about 15 columns These columns can be filtered. Once filtered I would like to be able to select a cell and store its actual address in some vba code that will be initiated once the cell is selected, and...
  5. C

    VBA to lock cell and insert formula

    I am having some trouble getting my VBA to work. I am trying to unprotect a worksheet, set a cell to lock, insert a formula if the cell ="us" and then reprotect the cell. if the cell is not equal to "US" than I want to clear the cell. I can get the code to unlock, set the protection or...
  6. M

    activecell.entirerow.value2 problem

    Hi I am having problems with a value check. Basically: I have pulled data from a csv file into my workbook. During this cut'n'paste exersize I have found that some values are n/a. When this happens I want the value of the cell 4 to the right (on the same row) to replace the n/a. for example...
  7. M

    VBA lock and colour range except active cell

    Can Anyone help with this code: I am trying to allow only one entry per row so once it is filled (Col V counts the number of entries) Bn:Un gets locked and coloured black the cell just populated remains uncoloured and unlocked If the cell contents get deleted the whole row is unlocked...
  8. M


    Is there a way making A1 always equal the contents of the last cells entry. I found this whilst looking.... http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22149 but it puts the active cells contents in A1. In my case the active cell is empty and when I press enter the active cell has...
  9. N

    Show TRUE in a cell if sheet is hidden

    Using a formula the sheet/tab names are displayed in a cell; say D4 . In this way, when we change the name on the tab, it will change the name in the cell, and we reference everything off this cell name. We now wish to have to the right of the cell name (i.e. D5) a cell that will show either...
  10. D

    Copy the ActiveCell row into another worksheet

    I need the VBA code to copy the ActiveCell Row into the Worksheet called Cancellations. I need to copy the row onto a new line everytime in Cancellations. I tried ActiveCell.copy (Cancellations!), but this would not work, and it would only copy the ActiveCell, but I want the whole row that...
  11. Ruts

    How do I use VLOOKUP in VBA instead of as a formula

    Ok I am trying to write a result into a range of cells as I think this is more efficient than writing the formula and having it recalc all the time. The current code is below: ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(RC[-1],C11:C12,2,FALSE)),""Not...
  12. L

    VBA Problem

    Hi, I have another VBA problem that I was hoping someone might be able to help out with. Basically, I need to stop the macros that I've written mid-way and prompt the user to select the next cell that the macros is to continue from. I appreciate that I could just use Activecell.offset(...)...

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