vba array fromula

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    Set variable to value returned by complex array formula

    I'm attempting to set a variable in VBA to the value returned when executing this array formula during a loop: {=INDEX(Tbl_Findings[RvwrLen],MATCH(1,(Tbl_Findings[Intake Number]=TEXT($B$2,"0"))*(Tbl_Findings[Question#]=A6),0))+2} I've attempted to use the Evaluate method but can't seem to get...
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    Loop + Vlookup

    Hi, in one sheet I have data like: A1: Audi B1:A3 A2: BMW B2:Z300 A3: Ford B3:Fiesta A4: Audi B4: A4 A5: Ford B5: Mondeo in second sheet I have unique value: A1: Audi A2: BMW A3: Ford Now I want to insert into second sheet in B1, B2... all value from sheet1 for Audi, Ford etc...: B1: A3, A4...
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    Sheets(Array(...)).Select Question

    Hi, I am trying to use the following code, but I keep getting the "Subscript Out of Range" error. I'm sure it has to do with the my variable: The code basically looks in each worksheet to see if there is data in it and if there is, I want to print that to PDF. Dim ArrSheets As String...
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    VBA code to store an array formula

    Can someone help me determine the right code to store an array formula into a cell? For example, I can use the below to store a non-array formula but how do I modify it to store an array formula? (i.e. with the curly braces on the outside) Generally, we would have to hold down...

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