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    VBA - entering a formula without calculating it

    Hi all, When I enter an array formula via vba, for example something like this,...: Range("C5").Select For Count = 1 To MyVariable - 1 With ActiveCell .FormulaArray = "=SUM(IF(((Płatności!C[-1])=R[" & -3 - Count & "]C[0])*((Płatności!C[1]) _...
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    Loop + Vlookup

    Hi, in one sheet I have data like: A1: Audi B1:A3 A2: BMW B2:Z300 A3: Ford B3:Fiesta A4: Audi B4: A4 A5: Ford B5: Mondeo in second sheet I have unique value: A1: Audi A2: BMW A3: Ford Now I want to insert into second sheet in B1, B2... all value from sheet1 for Audi, Ford etc...: B1: A3, A4...
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    Help needed understanding VBA in Excel

    Hi, I've had the unfortunate task of trying to understand a piece of VBA written by another user (clearly more proficient than me) and amend it. See below Sub Agency() Dim i As Long, tgt As Long Dim cols As Variant cols = Array(2, 15, 28, 41, 54, 67, 80, 93) For i = 3 To 502 tgt =...
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    Converting ArrayFormula to VBA

    Hi, I have this working arrayformula in excel (only one sheet in the .xls): {=SUM(IF((C5:C25<3);G5:G25;0))-SUM(IF((C5:C25<3)+IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("*flat*";I5:I25;1));1;0)=2;G5:G25;0))} What I want to do now is to execute this array formula using VBA and store the result in cell A1. I tried...

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