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    Help Combining 2 VBA Change codes

    Hello, I am trying to combine a couple of simple VBA Change codes but am unable to get both working at the same time. The one coded first works, the second doesn't. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) With Target If Intersect(Target, Range("A:A,F:F")) Is...
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    Modify VBA code to copy data from Multipile workbooks with multipile sheets

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have below VBA ( that I got from another website) that goes through files in a folder and copy a range from all the first sheets and paste them one after the other in one master sheet. This is working, I just want the code to do this to all the...
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    Automate Collapse/Expand Code?

    Hi, I'm trying to automate a micro to collapse/expand certain cells in a spreadsheet as data is put in (i.e. if Cell A>0, then Cells B-F will expand, if Cell A<0, then Cells B-F will collapse). Currently, the code WILL do that but only AFTER clicking the A column. Below is the code I use, any...
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    Change Source Data VBA

    I have 2 named tables of data, QtrDATA and YTDDATA. I have multiple pivot tables that depict summaries of both data sets. Instead of using 2 seperate for the mutlipe Pivot tables which grows the size of the workbook, I want a macro that will allow me to switch between the various data sources...
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    VBA Change Pivot Table Data Field

    Having problems with VBA Code to do the following: 1. Check for Data Field "Report" 2. If Data Field "Report" Exist - Do nothing 3. Check for Data Field "Month" 4. If Data Field "Month" Exist - Remove or It may be simplier to remove all data fields and add the ones needed per DBA. Is...

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