vba chart problem

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    Chart based on table not updating as expected (VBA)

    Hi I've written a macro which updates a clustered column chart in Sheet 1 that's based on data in a table in Sheet 2. However, the chart is not fully updating. The ‘source data’ for the chart is =Table5[#All] (based on a table that currently exists in Sheet2). The table in Sheet 2 is...
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    VBA Chart Error: The object is no longer valid

    Hello, I have a Charting AddIn (created in 2004), which formats selected data into different charts. All of the charts work well, except: Pie, Pie of Pie, Bar of Pie and Doughnut. For those types of charts I get the following error: Error No: 2147483643 Description: This object is no longer...
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    VBA code error

    Need some help with this VBA code, I can't see why it doesn't work. Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range) Select Case Target.Address Case "$E$2" ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 2").Chart.Axes(xlCategory) _ .MaximumScale =...
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    Customizing Charts in VBA

    I was wondering if there is away of creating a code using VBA that would exclude data when it has a value of 0 from the graph. This is because I have an ever changing set of data but values of 0 are not needed for the scatter graph.
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    vba chart problem.

    hi I have a vba question/problem regarding inputing the xvalues and yvalues for a data series into a chart using vba. I used the macro recorder and manually inputed into the 'Source Data' window/menu of the chart the x and y values for the data series, which generated the following...

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