vba chart

  1. B


    Hi I never used VBA for Excel before. Why this command give error, second one also, but If I uncomment "On Error..." second one fill chart as should be. Sorry for picture, not source. I used this at work, now I'm at home... Any advice? Many thanks, BaGRoS
  2. O

    Put multiple data series on same graph with vba

    Hello. I have the code below that when the user inputs a value on a certain cell and logs it via a button, this is called to populate a simple line graph. At the beginning of each day the graph area is empty. I have tried to add a second data series but nothinh seems to work and can't figure out...
  3. M

    Delete chart from a specific cell using VBA

    Hi I've used the code below to move a chart from one sheet to another (from Sheet 5 to cell M2 in Sheet 1). However, when re-running the code to create the chart, I would like to delete the existing chart in cell M2 of Sheet 1, without deleting the other charts in Sheet 1. Does anyone know...
  4. M

    Range plus chart

    Hi I'd like to do 3 simple things with VBA, which I haven't done before. i) I'd like to select a range, but ignore the last row, when selected. So if I had the values a, b, and c in cells A1, A2, and A3, and the values 1, 2, 3, and 4 in cells B1, B2, B3 and B4, I'd like to select the range...
  5. N

    Email from VBA with chart NEW

    Okay, so Ive read all the threads, and as you'll see in my (other peoples) code, spent some time on Ron's site as well. From that, I have 2 pieces of code working (3 including the function, lets call them C1 and C2), now I need help trying to mend them together. The first one (C1) gets data...
  6. E

    Formatting Graph using VBA

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I want to format a chart when a particular cell is chosen. This cell may be in another sheet, but I don't want the sheet to change to where the chart is. I just want the chart to update in the background. Is this possible? Here is my code that...
  7. blackorchids2002

    VBA to select Chart sheet name

    Hi Masters, Please help me... I have a workbook with sheet(s) that contains only a Chart. The sheet name is the same as the chart title. I want to create a macro to copy the chart sheet name into a new workbook. If I simply do the recording of macro to copy the chart sheet name and re-run...
  8. H

    Excel VBA

    Hi, I have two strings In Excel and I want to write a macro 1st string: xxxxxxx;xxx;d:ffff;.ffff;color:green;'>•</span "<DIV><span style='font-weight:bold; font-size:24px;color:green;'>•</span></DIV>" 2nd String: <DIV><span style='font-weight:bold; font-size:13px...
  9. Gingertrees

    update chart source data range based on change in # of used rows

    There are a lot of posts out here about this, but none that quite answered my question. I have a worksheet that gets a row added to it daily with the date and other data. There is also a chart based on this sheet; currently I'm manually changing it's source data daily to reflect the new row...
  10. M

    Pivot Chart help needed

    I am trying to create a chart on each sheet. my method was to use pivot table/chart and then whan the sheet was copied the table/chart would get updated with the new data. Not So so I am now trying the same thing but on a button. I recorded a macro and am now trying to modify it by changing...
  11. L

    Realign 2 Axis Using VBA

    I copied this code from the following website but am unable to get it to actually work. http://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts/AlignXon2Ys.html I keep getting a compile error saying sub or function not defined. Please help. Thanks! Option Explicit '''Realign Macro Helper Public Sub...
  12. H

    Fill a Data Series with a Picture in VBA

    I am trying to fill a selected data series with one picture from my desktop if one value is selected and another picture if another value is selected, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this in VBA. I am just missing the correct object member for the fill property and cannot...
  13. W

    VBA: Formatting a series line in chart

    In VBA, how do I access the line object of a chart's SeriesCollection(n)? Excel's Help frightens me with "There’s no object that represents a single series line...". My immediate need is to make Series1 and Series2 be dotted lines (xlDot) for a great number of charts. Hence my desire for a VBA...

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