vba delete row

  1. L

    VBA Delete Rows if 2 conditions are met

    Hello I need help with a bit of VBA code. I need the code to look at Column AI. Column AI can have a value of 0-7. If a Row in Column AI has a value of "0" check column Notes, If it is empty delete that Row. In the example below rows 4 & 5 would be deleted as they have an AI value = 0 and no...
  2. J

    Creating a Macro to import Text files from a folder

    Hello, I am very inexperienced at create macros but need to make one that will import all the text files from a specific folder. I tried using the macro recorder to do this but I'm not sure how to change the code so that it repeats the import process for each text file. Also I need the last...
  3. khawarameer

    Deleting Blank Rows (VBA)

    Dear All, I have a large worksheet with approx 55600 rows. However many rows in the sheet are empty. I used a macro to delete empty rows but it is giving me "Run time error '6' ". Here is the code i am using Sub Deleterow() Dim xlastrow As Integer Dim xrow As Integer xrow = 1...

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