vba email

  1. S

    Userforms automation

    Hi, Hopefully someone on here is able to help, i am not familiar with VBA . i have a leave spreadsheet with 12 tabs for that calculates staff leave, their name in column B and the date in row 2. This workbook is read only for staff and only editable for managers. what i would ideally like is a...
  2. B

    Specific data from a table added to email Subject through using VBA

    Good morning all, As ever I am stuck and need some help, I have my email function working and I am successfully adding an attachment also, however i have a % of inspections completed located in a table that i need to be part of the email, preferably in the subject?
  3. M

    VBA to create email using values from different columns

    Hi Gurus, I need a way to create emails based on cell value, for example in Column T, I will have "Yes" / "No" on each row, so, if the row has "Yes", then, that row should generate an email with values from the same row, but different columns, for example: To: Data from column B Subject: Data...
  4. H

    Send personalised emails using a List in excel (advanced criteria and keep original formatting & Signature)

    Hey guys I have a list of many clients and I want to send a nice email that looks like I have typed each email individually, my biggest issues are that I lose my email signature when I enter anything into the body text, and the other thing is I can't get all the information from my "Sheet3" to...
  5. N

    Excel email help

    Hi, I've put together the following by combining some help from people on here and code on other forms. It works great for getting charts, ranges, etc, to set up an Outlook email from excel using VBA. Only trouble I am having is changing formatting. Or specifically, putting new lines between the...
  6. N

    Email from VBA with chart NEW

    Okay, so Ive read all the threads, and as you'll see in my (other peoples) code, spent some time on Ron's site as well. From that, I have 2 pieces of code working (3 including the function, lets call them C1 and C2), now I need help trying to mend them together. The first one (C1) gets data...
  7. T

    VBA Formula to have excel send out an email message once a certain cell reaches below a certain quantity

    Hi, Just looking for some help as I have limited knowledge when it comes to VBA. What I'm trying to do is have an email send out to two individuals once a certain cell reaches below a certain number. The excel spread sheet tracks our stock quantities of a particular item and we want to be...
  8. B

    Does anyone know how to Emails Ranges instead of Emailing Rows.

    Hi Guys, I hope you are all well today :) I have been using the below to fire off emails to customers. So their Account number appears in Column A & their email in Column B and it then sends off information row by row (C3:I3) to each customer. What I was wondering if anyone knows how I may...
  9. XfortunaX

    VBA HTML Email Body Format

    Hello, I am using Excel 2010 and have a question regarding the format of the body of an email when using HTML. I am looking for the Commission Amount to appear in the body of the email with a "," format. Right now, $10,000.00 shows up as $10000.00. Email Body Example: An ACH wire for the...
  10. D

    Automatically CC current User - EXCEL VBA

    hi there, I have this basic vba code and it works great. However, I'm trying to add so the current user automatically gets cc'd to the email, but I am really struggling. Can someone please help? :) THANKS in advance! Sub Button1_Click() Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object...
  11. N

    Email through Excel, text formatting (VBA)

    Okay so I am having a problem. If you enter this code (below) in a VBA module you will have the desired text show up in the email body and to the desired recipients (yay). HOWEVER, I need to find a way to have my formatted text appear as it is in excel. ie bolded and underlined at certain...
  12. M

    VBA Email excel sheet sent off as protected version

    I'm currently working on a Ron deBruin VBA email code and wonder if there is a way to protect the copied workbook being sent off?? This is the code that I'm working with, and the copied workbook being sent off is not protected - hence the various formulas is accessible to the person receiving...
  13. Y

    reference image within worksheet in VBA

    Howdy, this should be pretty straightforward but how in VBA do i reference an image pasted with an excel sheet? I'm creating an automated email program from a contact list and I insert the body of the email with .Body = Range("C2").Value & ActiveSheet.TextBoxes(1).Text Where C2 is the Name of...
  14. T

    VBA Email Sending

    Hello, I am searching for the solution to being able to send an autoemail based on the email address entered into a specific cell in Excel. I have been successful in writing a code for calling up a macro that has a specific email address in it and sending the auto email via outlook, but in...
  15. D

    Create and Rename New Worksheets for each unique cell in a column

    <tbody> <tbody> Header1 Header2 Header3 Email Header5 Header6 Header7 1 a b email@1 c d e 2 b c email@2 d e f 3 c ? email@3 ? ? ? 4 d ? email@4 ? ? ? 5 e ? email@5 ? ? ? 6 f ? email@6 ? ? ? 7 g ? email@7 ? ? ...
  16. T

    excel sending an email when a date is crossed

    I have a spreadsheet with dates in one colume. I have a macro that will email the spreadsheet to myself but I want it to send when those dates are hit. just that day would work but I would also like to specify the hour if possible. Any ideas. I'm also trying to find a way to get a spreadsheet...
  17. B

    Email Subject or Body to Include Cell Value

    Hi, Pick this code up for sending an email from Excel, what i would like to do is add a reference from the active workbook, either in the body or probably preferably in the Subject line, how can i modify the below to do this. My Cell is C55 Thanks Sub Mail_small_Text_Outlook() 'Working...

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