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  1. W

    VBA: Move entire row if date is entered in a cell

    Hi Guys, Got an Excel 2007 workbook with two sheets 'tasks' & 'completed' Each has 3 columns with data under them starting at A1 Task | Detail | Completion Date all I need done is when a date is entered under 'completion date' the entire row is cut from 'tasks' sheet and pasted...
  2. aldocious

    VBA to leave cells blank

    I am currently running the following VBA: Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Column = 8 Then Target(1, -3) = Time Target(1, -2) = Date End If End Sub What it does is when any changes are made to column "8" (Column H), column D is inputed with the...
  3. T

    Is it possible

    I have created a basic data entry system using a VBA forms, at the moment I have VBA entrying the text into the cells i have told it to enter into. What i was wondering is, is it possible to have the data enter table but also send some of the data into an e-mail in a set format? I am new to...

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