vba find

  1. J

    vba .find doesn't work

    Hi, everyone on of my record in range("b3") is "Copy of Read Only - Personal Loan 20171231~tmp23409752.xlsx", and this record is written by vba code, it's a workbook name. when my vba code wants to find this record in range("B:B"), an error occured, it just cann't find this record. and the...
  2. E

    VBA code to identify latest file in folder and copy contents to another workbook

    Hi. Hope someone can assist with the following. We have a shared folder where csv files are dropped on monthly basis. I need to identify the latest files with name File1 and File2. The file name changes each month as it ends with the month it is produced e.g. File1Feb18, File1Mar18...
  3. R

    VBA -- how to search only within a specific column

    I search for data (it's my Find Next macro) using the following line which works fine ONLY as long as the cursor is in column B. Otherwise i get an error, Run-time error "13" Type Mismatch. ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Contacts").Columns(2).Find(FTW, After:=Range(foundtxt)).Select How do...
  4. M

    VBA find sporadic error

    Hi guys I have a section of code which looks through a section of data, finds it and copies it somewhere else. Essentially I have milliseconds running down the A column from 0 to 40000 - I want to pluck out numbers from what I type in a box in the Ca column. Dim x As Range, y As Range Set...
  5. E

    auto copy and past row to 1 of 7 pages

    i would like this to happen copy the last row on master sheet then paste it to row that has same value as "A2" .... "A2" will be typed in as seen "mm/dd/yyyy" if the name of sheet is "monday" it would only have dates that monday falls on in column "A" ex. "A" <tbody> 1/6/2014...
  6. A

    VBA Find-Copy and Loop Trouble

    hi guys need your help. I have a problem in using the 'find-copy and loop' method, here's my data: <tbody> A B C D E F G 1 Name 1 A1 OK A2 OK - - 2 Name 2 B1 OK - - - - 3 Name 3 C1 OK C2 OK C3 OK 4 Name 4 D1 OK - - D3 OK 5 Name 5 E1 OK - - - - 6 .... </tbody> and this is...
  7. G

    Problems with "Find" looking for dates"

    I'm trying to develop a function to locate a date in a specific column in a spreadsheet (Excel 2010). I've tried lots of variations but still get "Nothing" as a Find result. The Worksheet (Sheet1) has column "B" formatted as "Date". In B2 I have "=NOW()". In B3 to B30 I have "=Bx+1", so each...
  8. P

    vba - using activesheet find method

    i used the code Sheet15.Activate Set R = ActiveSheet.Range("A1:A" & rows) intRow = R.Find(What:=lsfind, After:=R.Cells(1), LookIn:=xlFormulas, _ LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, _ MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False).Row where lsfind...
  9. caritx

    VBA: Find text

    I need to have code that finds: space, empty cell, #N/A in columns A2:C100 If it finds this to tell me which column and row. If not display a message saying no errors found. I have checked the message board and google but can't find something. I am really new at vba so any help you can give...

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