vba for copy and paste

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    problem for copynig from one sheet to another sheet and print it automatically

    i have problem that i think it is not easy to solve(maybe not,but i think it is so hard :wink: ) ,i have a 2sheet(shhet9 and sheet10) and a user form,i put command button on userform for printing the special area of sheet10,data should copy from sheet 9 to sheet 10 by step 1row by 1row then...
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    VBA for Copy and Paste with reference to different sheets

    Hi, Can someone help me with the following macro: - Can I simplified the following macro? - I work with many sheets that have each of them have different name, such as: G 52535; G 52551; G 52612; etc. So instead of write the sheet name I need one formula so it will automatically change when I...

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