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    Formula in Excel to display email message with CC & email receiver

    Hello everybody, I am currently following this youtube video: (specifically look at around 07:30-08:30) in order to create an email link in my excel file that people can click on, have a pre-determined email message written and then fill out the blanks and send it out. However, while I tried...
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    Apply Formula To Specific Column for Multiple Sheets in a Filtered Table

    Hi all, I have an issue with renaming cells in a filtered table and would be grateful for some help from the Excel community! Objective: 1. For specific sheets in the workbook, apply a filter in column B:B for a specific number of names Company (Parent) 2. Apply a formula to change the Parent...
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    Writing VBA formula

    Hi, Anyone can help me with writing below formula with VBA code? =IF(IF(TEXT(F24, "0") = "", "", IFERROR(INDEX(SF_Goals_Forms!K1:K20000, MATCH(TEXT(F24, "0"), SF_Goals_Forms!CR1:CR20000, 0)), ""))=0,"",IF(TEXT(F24, "0") = "", "", IFERROR(INDEX(SF_Goals_Forms!K1:K20000, MATCH(TEXT(F24, "0")...
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    VBA Code for Formula

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions for which I will provide feedback. I am getting an error on the following formula as it's when i added, the "N/A" part for the IFERROR. Cells(i, 4).Formula = "= IFERROR( MATCH(TRUE,INDEX(Sheet1!E" & i & ":" & LastColumnLtr & i & "<>0,),0)," & ""N/A" )"...

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