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    VBA Excel IF

    Hello, I am building my first VBA Macro Excel (button) and I need help with it as I am unfortunately unsuccessful. Basically in one column, I have name of the countries and I would like in the second column to have if it is a EU Country or Non-EU Country. I tried to test it only with one...
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    VBA code to insert row if value not found in some range

    Hi as you can see on the picture I have 3 tables with dropdown menu and one final where weighted average is calculated, what I want is to have VBA code which would search in range of those 3 tables for names of ingredients and if ingredient not in last table (weighted average IBR.) then to add...
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    VBA code with IF, cut/paste, & last column

    I have a list of travel details where each row is a different leg of a travelers journey. There are common details at the beginning of the row, such as passenger name and such. In order to use the data to auto-fill a templated itinerary I need to align the legs of the journeys per passenger...
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    Need help to tidy up Code

    Hi I have the Following Code that repeats its self every 30 rows. is there a way for make the "IF" do this until the sheet no longer as filled in rows as the procedure is too large to run at the mo. I realise i can split it up into different subs, but i would like it to all run together...
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    VBA if cell value>0 copy this row & insert row under

    I need to create VBA that will insert & copy current row if value in column D>0 & do this all the the way to the end. I need VBA that will work as VLOOKUP but for multilines. Let's say A7="Paris" Sheet1. I need to copy a all values (if A7="Paris") from sheet2 column B, C, D etc.
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    VBA - If Cell Contains Email address

    Hi There, I want to get a VBA code for checking if a particular cells has got any email address Suppose Cell A1 = abc then it should give error "Please enter a valid email address" and If Cell A1 = abc@xyz then it should let the user enter that value as it is a valid email address VBA code...
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    Can you Reset a Counter used in an IF statement?

    Hi, I'm using a counter (daycount) in an IF statement that is nested within a larger IF statement (that uses counter), but I need it to recycle and repeat a process using the daycount. Is it possible to reset a counter to its starting value? Thanks, Ian.
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    VBA If statement not working

    I have made an If statement that, will make a date go 3 months on from the date you select on a drop down list, today, yesterday, 2 days ago, and 3 days ago. And when you click the button it changes the date on the cell 2 away from teh active cell. But for some reason the first 4 If statements...

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