vba password protect

  1. L

    VBA Unprotect

    Hi All, First post here so apologies if I miss something out or do something wrong! I have created an automated unlocker and locker for my MI reports to make it quicker for me to change the report from clients restricted view to my opened view which consist of the below. My only annoyance is...
  2. motherteresa

    2 Problems - Changing VBA password and Inserting Footer in Multiple Workbooks

    I have a 2 tier problem. First, I helped to create a template with a lot of VBA work that several folks use in the field. To keep people from screwing things up, I password protected the VBA portion. Second, I need to update the footer in each of those workbooks. Each workbook has several...
  3. A

    Effectively password protect a Workbook and Macros

    Hi all! I'm having a hard time trying to create a password protected document in Excel that is robust to password recover programs like Passware. I would like to protect some cells and macros but Passware always finds the password in seconds when I use the Excel password protection system, and...
  4. J

    Is this possible

    Dear Gurus, i have a workbook which it is VBA is locked through VBA project properties password protection. i see that though the workbook open event. we can password protect and unprotect worksheets. is it possible to password protect the VBA project through the Workbook Open event? has...
  5. K

    How to update hidden password protected pivots?

    Hi all, I stumbled over this thread http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=443881 when looking for a solution to my problem. Mine is similar, but a bit more complicated. I have a number of sheets in my workbook each containing 1 pivot table. Some sheets are hidden others are not...

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