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    PasteSpecial Range of Cells from one Workbook to Another in VBA

    Noob alert. I’ve been teaching myself VBA for approx. one month, so my code may conjure up images of a teenager's messy bedroom. Please excuse any and all rookie mistakes. I’m attempting to copy a list of data (#1) and paste values into two destinations, one in another sheet within the...
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    Paste Values with VBA

    The code below works fine to open another workbook, copy data, then paste into the original file. However, I need to paste only values. I have tried a couple different ways of doing it after the fact (ie after pasting data formulas and all), but nothing has worked and I would prefer to just...
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    PasteSpecial method of Range class failed

    I've been reading like posts on mrexcel.com for an hour - but still cannot fix my problem. I have what I think should be a pretty basic code to copy visible cells in one sheet, then paste values in the next sheet. I continue to get a run-time 1004 "PasteSpecial method of Range class failed"...
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    VBA Paste Special: Keep Source formatting (K)

    Hi, I am controlling 2 power-point files from excel VBA. Basically I want to copy and paste slides from one powerpoint file to another. but while pasting I want to use paste as Keep Source formatting (K) my current code is: For Each pptslide In pptpres.Slides pptpres.Slides(x).Copy...
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    VBA Paste Special with stored constant

    Using Excel 2000, WinXP. I want to write a macro that does a Paste Special Add or Subtract of a stored constant (1462) to a selected range of cells with dates in them. This is to convert between 1900 and 1904 date systems (i.e. Win Vs. Mac). Here's my simple effort (below). It doesn't work...

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