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    Merging multiple sheets - highlight discrepancies

    Hello Everyone, From what I thought would be a straight forward function, this has had me scratching my head far too often this week. Until now, I've been manually sorting and copy/pasting in data, but this enhances the possibilities for errors. I've been trying to use a vlookup and index/match...
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    VBA solution NEEDED!!

    ill try to show you what I needing. column A / Column B / column c / column d / column e/ column F/ Current Employees / HIRE DATE/...
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    Resizing Multiple Comments

    I have a spreadsheet with over 1000 rows, with comments in 1 cell in each row. The problem is that the comment box is too small, and cuts off part of the verbiage. How can I resize all of them at once, so that everything in the comment field is visible?

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