vba tables

  1. D

    VBA to loop through table & lookup value from another table

    Hello, I have 2 tables: Table 1 = Original names & phone numbers Table 2 = New names & phone numbers I want to loop through each of the phone numbers in the original Table & ONLY if the number is 0 or empty, lookup the new value from Table 2. I've started with the below. Sorry, I'm a...
  2. A

    Autosum table column

    Hi... My current activecell is one of the cells in the Totals row in a table, i have so many tables with different row count so the "FormulaR1C1" method is not working for me cause each time the values are different, i am looking for a code to enable me to autosum the whole column of the table...
  3. A

    Autosum Current column in a table

    Hi everyone... I selected a specific range in the Totals Row in a table and i need to either: 1. Autosum this column without reference to cell maybe something like application.activecell.autosum or 2. Autosum current table column Thank you...:)
  4. G

    VBA to sort different tables with same headers

    I am trying to write a code to sort data in multiple tables, each table has the same headers. The issue I am having is that every week I create a new tab by copying the previous weeks tab which renames the table, all the table header names are the same in each table in the workbook. The code I...
  5. R

    Auto expand table in protected worksheet

    Hi all I have a worksheet with a table. When adding a new line in a non-protected sheet, the table expands automatically. When the file is protected - with rights to add a new line and writing on a new line - the range of the table doesn't change. e.g.: I have data in rows 1 to 10 in a...
  6. L

    VBA: Using Table column name instead of column number

    I have the following VBA: ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Dashboard").Range.AutoFilter Field:=64, Criteria1 _ :="Adams, Lon" The problem is when I move columns, my VBA quits working. I'd prefer to use a table column name like this instead...
  7. T

    How to hide rows depending on value in a table with VBA?

    I have a table ("Table1") with three columns; Country-Member-Amount. I would like to hide all rows with no value in the "Member" column (with a button). But I would not like to hide the entire row (as I have info to the right need to be visible). Please help!
  8. C

    Macro to delete Table

    I need to run a macro to delete all the rows (except for the first 2) in a table. The table is named "Table1". The problem is the tables size is always different. Is there a way in VBA where I can resize the table to the original size? Any help with VBA code would appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)
  9. B

    VBA return multiple rngs that match criteria

    I have one sheet (Active) that has a table (tblActive) on it and another that I want to use as a dashboard of sorts. On the Dashboard sheet I have a range named "Provider" that has list data validation setup . I'd like a user to be able to select a name from the Provider list and below that...
  10. Z

    Excel 2007 VBA: how to build a table from various spreadsheets?

    Hello, I'm starting out on VBA and have been looking for a solution online, but have not found what can help my question. I try to build a table with various formulas in Excel 2007 using VBA. The base data are in 2 different spreadsheets and I will build the table in a 3rd sheet of the same...
  11. D

    Table manipulation in Excel VBA

    I have a table with 19 columns. Column A contains image name data, column B contains building name data. The other 17 columns are used as columns of hard drives, we have 17 hard drives to track data on. For each image name in Column A an X in placed into the columns of every hard drive...
  12. L

    Selecting cells on 2007 tables with vba

    Hello there!, I´m trying to use VBA to select and manipulate one cell of the active row of the current table using Excel 2007 terminology, (in order to change its value), something like this: Application.Range("PAYMENTS[[#This Row],[LASTNAME]]").Value = "Smith" where the table is PAYMENTS...

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