vba userforms

  1. D

    sending email of user form details

    Hi all, I am trying to send multiple sections of my userform as email the current code I am using (below) works but if I try and add more code in to add say SYSTEM 2 DETAILS it would no longer show SYSTEM 1 DETAILS on the email and just the latter. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim...
  2. Ed_Filipino

    Vba userform

    HI, Im a newbie here I just want to ask help because I have hard time finishing my VBA userform. I have a 5 column table I a excele worksheet. I want to have a userform that have 5 textbox according to the headings of the 5 column, im planning that in the 1st textbox if I entry the data the 4...
  3. T

    taking multiple inputs userform VBA

    I have multiple csv/xls files that i want to browse from user form then get specific cells data from them and copy to specific cells of already present workbook with formulas which want to browse again from user form and get output to a folder. I have multiple batch of 4 files in which i...
  4. blackorchids2002

    VBA for Userform to be stacked in a particular sheet

    Hi Masters, Just a question, is it possible to display a userform and will remain in a particular sheet (ex. Sheet1)?
  5. B

    Seriously VBA, what the hell? (Calling Userforms)

    Hi All, This is making me tear my hair out, please tell me what I'm missing! I have this, very simple, code: Private Sub BondButton_Click() Rows("2:2").Select Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove SelectTradeType.Hide EnterABond01.Show End Sub Private Sub...
  6. J

    Remove Userforms From ALL workbooks

    Can anyone help with a script to remove ALL userforms from ALL open workbooks. I have a script that will remove a userform from the current workbook but not from ALL workbooks. I have a template of userforms but I like userforms in each workbook that I use as I modify scripts to suit specific...

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