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    variable variable based on other variables?!

    Hi All, If I wanted to state a variables value based on another variable, how could I do that? The two variables I current have in the script are Dim Red as Long Dim Green as Long Dim Amber as Long Green = Sheets("HURDLES").Range("C5").Value Red = Sheets("HURDLES").Range("E5").Value What I...
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    VBA how to clean Variables

    Hi I am writing VBA code to control powertpoint from Excel my code is Private ppt_2 As PowerPoint.Presentation my question is: How to clean\empty PPt_2 variable, set ppt_2 = nothing, closes power-point file and I don't want to close the file. Is there any other way to clean variable...
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    VBA, Defining the current workbook as a variable

    Hi All, I am writing a macro that starts in one workbook (who's file name will change weekly) and will also access a reference sheet on the network. The goal is to copy the reference sheet into the first workbook. In order to do this I'm using the following code, but I am not getting past...
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    Help with form variable user option

    Hello I am creating a time sheet workbook. I've figured out how to have the punches go to a table and a general journal, based on Start, go to break, back from break, go to lunch and back from lunch and go home. What I am wanting to do ... is have a seperate work sheet for each employee...
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    VBA global variable contents clear?

    I've inherited a large Excel application that cashes data retreived from an Access database in VBA global variable arrays when the application starts up. It then builds worksheets from scratch by adding a default sheet to the workbook and inserting all formating and data. All calculations are...

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