vba vlookup variable

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    Replacing VLOOKUP with VBA

    Hi, I am brand new to this forum and have only used normal formulas in excel, therefore my VBA skills are still very limited, but my need very urgent. I have scouted the net and forums and found several posts and solutions, which might solve my issue, I just cannot get them to fit. The problem...
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    VBA macros for multiple matches in different sheets

    HI I need a macros for multiple matches in different sheet and need to return the all values for unique id I put an example case for you Sheet 1 contains unique ids and values .Values will repeat In other sheet also values will repeats and will value corresponding values for the each...
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    VBA adding variable (filename) to a vlookup

    Hi, I am trying to pass a string variable to a vlookup formula in VBA but the output is not working correctly. I have the following code :- Dim cFileName As String MsgBox "Please browse for the latest CAT file on your hard drive, and select" cFileName = Application.GetOpenFilename 'They...

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