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    JSON file within VB

    Hello. I am loading up a JSON file with particular data and dumping it out to Excel. The process works, but when I try and grab the next set of data, I get an error. I am assuming the JSON file needs to be cleared/emptied so that the next 50 rows of data can be loaded. Does anybody have a...
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    Formula/Vbasic Search

    Need some help. I am working with a large flat file listing reporting relationships. What I would like to find is what I refer to below as the Final Supervisor. Each employee eventually reports up to a Final Supervisor. Do you know of a formula/ Vbasic that I can run so that for each employee I...
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    VB: default cell formula

    Is there a way to assign column cells a formula that references other cells in VB. I have gotten around this by running a macro that copies the previous cell formula from above and pasting it on line below. that method has flaws that I can no longer use. The idea is to make cell C2 = B2*A2...
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    Simple Macro Code

    Hi All Can someone possibly help me with some code, I want to write a macro that will take the user to a particular cell and move the screen accordingly, when they click the macro button. Sounds simple enough, i hope it is but i have no idea. ManyThanks in Advance Gary
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    Good Morning CAn someone tell me if its possible to write a macro that will ammend the code in other Macros? I have the code below, but i want the users to be able to amend the range (highlighted in RED) ideally by entering a number on the sheet and hitting a button to activate a macro that...
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    Hi I am trying to create a macro that will change the scource data of my chart to resize the data range, however i want it to automatically resize according to either howmany columns of data there are present or have a popup that will request the number of columns to include as series. any...

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