1. T

    Value of VBCancel Same as Variable in InputBox

    Hi All Excel Experts! I have the following code: Dim numLs as String numLs = (InputBox("Enter number of rows to add:", "Add Rows to " & shtName & " " & shtPart)) If numLs = vbCancel Then Exit Sub If the user happens to want to add two lines, sub ends. :confused: Any workaround ideas...
  2. K

    Difference Between MsgBox 'Cancel' and red cross 'Close' button?

    Hi, I have a MsgBox displaying a user selected filepath with OK and Cancel options. IF OK is selected, the code continues. IF Cancel is selected the code loops back for the user to reselect the filepath. I would like: IF the MsgBox is closed (using the red cross in the top right corner) then...
  3. ClimoC

    Userform - El Loco

    Hello Had some handy code working, and then to make things neat and tidy and easier to give to users across the network, I've moved it all into a userform. Upon clicking the button, it should open an inputbox, take the answer as a string, and use it to find a folder of that name where some...
  4. E

    Excel VBA Help Needed Please!

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum so be gentle please! Nice to meet you all anyway. I am trying (very unsucessfully) to write a macro that does the following: Ask user for a password If password is correct then hide column J and protect sheet If ok is selected then exit macro If password is...

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