1. V

    VB Code or Macro - help me pls

    Hi, pls check the below table and provide macro/vb code we have a data in excel and want to check that how many times a certain task will repeat, you can understand it by checking the below excel Excel 2007 32 bit <tbody>#E0E0F0[/URL] "] #FFFFFF[/URL] ]A #FFFFFF[/URL] ]B #FFFFFF[/URL] ]C...
  2. K

    How to sum up a column when another column has ceratin text?

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet, that in Column A = priority (so a 1, 2, etc..) Column B is Project name, C is Role Name, D is Date, E is scheduled Hours and F is Actual Hours. What I am trying to do is this: If column B has 50 rows of the same project name, and there could be 40 role names the...
  3. D

    Slow VB Code

    Hi Everyone, I have this code below, but it is running extremely slow, by my calculations it would take 3 days to complete one sheet. Do you perhaps have suggestions on how to speed it up, as I have more than 100 sheets to get through please. Sub Calculate_Sheet() Dim orderSh As...
  4. R

    Return to form

    I activate a code from one form in my excel file Myfile1. The code open (if necessary) a second excel file and change some things. The code works perfectly but, sometimes, the focus is on the second file excel. Haw can I remain in my form instead to click to return on it ? Many thanks
  5. M

    Help with VB in excel

    Hi guys! I am really newbie in making my formulas in excel...I mean i can calculate with simple formulas and If statements, but i am really bad in other more complex stuff..So i need some help and i would appretiate it if you can help me with the following situation: I have to make a formula...
  6. J

    VB code Hide Rows AND hide Sheets

    Hi there, So posted below is the code i am working with. Basically the user will use the checkbox this is assigned to, to select items. If the item is checked, then the row on the results tab is made visible and the sheet for that item is also made visible. If the item is NOT checked, then...
  7. J

    create a monitoring excel sheet with static data

    Hi, this is James For an IT company I'm working with, I would like to create a monitoring excel sheet for myself with EXCEL 2003 Requirement : Use external data and create alerts I have used web queries (external data) for an INTRAnet website, (only works in the company) to extract data. The...
  8. V

    Copy rows into appropriate worksheets meeting criteria

    I have a worksheet that contains 2 Rn managers per 3 Site and 2 TSR managers per 3 Site. I want to be able to sort these managers by Site into 6 tabs: 3 RN tabs and 3 TSR tabs. I want to keep the original worksheet as is and copy the appropriate rows to the designated worksheets labeled SACRN...

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