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    VBA Code dynamically written to worksheets not working when project is protected

    Hey Guys, My problem: I have a userform launched on the workbook open event for the user to input the names and tech data for a range of fans. For example, they enter 5 fans. Once they enter the data into the form and click start, 5 sheets named,for example Fan1, Fan2.... to Fan5 are...
  2. H

    Adding another VBProject as Reference

    Hello! I have 2 files. File A will open FIle B at some point through code. I need file B to open and add the VBProject in file A as a reference. At the same time I need File B to remove that reference on the BeforeClose event. Both files are .xlsm and have their own VBproject I tried...
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    How to programatically delete/remove a vbproject from project explorer

    Thanks for reading this post. I am programmatically looping through N workbooks (open workbook, process, close workbook). When I close the workbook, I am left with a "footprint" of workbook in project explorer, even though the workbook itself is closed. This is causing problems as well as...

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