1. M

    EXCEL VBA for Mass Balance

    Good day community, Would you help to write a vba code for following Mass balance & Data ReconciliationThe data reconciliation problem is solved using the method of Lagrange Multipliers. Let’s denote the vector of measurements as M, whose elements are the measurements of each mass variable. And...
  2. J

    Application.Transpose Appears to be Adding Row to Vector

    I have a 1x3 vector, "Watches" type is Variant/Variant(1 to 3), that I what to transpose with the Application.Transpose command. After the command executes the Vector is not a proper 3x1 but appears to have added another column, "Watches" type is Variant/Variant(1 to 3, 1 to 1). I would have...
  3. S

    Lookup within Vlookup - Search more than one cell and use vectors instead of array

    Hello there! I have the following sample setup: Excel | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (sorry I tried attaching an image several times and it didn't work) I am trying to find words from column E in either cell A2 or cell B2 (preferably it would search A2 and if it didn't find anything would then...
  4. A

    vector multiplication.

    hi, i need help in knowing how to use an array formula for the following (and even help in knowing if i need an array formula!) i have my data in pairs like this: (ax1, by1),(cx2, dy2),... (im using the numbers 1,2,3... only as index to denote the pair, not as powers!) and in excel i have...
  5. E

    Trying to average average from several non-contiguous columns

    What I am trying to accomplish is this: I have construction quantities in every third column (beginning with Col N) that I wish to group in together and average based on 3 size catagroies (Small, Med & Large). Right now I have the upper limit of the Small and the lower limit of the Large...

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