1. R

    Find and Extracting Specific Data

    Hello! I need help with a project in Excel. I have multiple cells with large amounts of text and numbers. I need to extract the listed identified time and the verified time and then calculate the turnaround time. Here's an example of the data in the cell: EXAM: CT Head w/o Contrast CLINICAL...
  2. N

    Getting Static Username and time.

    Hello Excel/VBA Masters! I got a table and with info that needs to be verified by employee. Next to each row of information there is Data Validation list (Verified / Not Verified). I got formulas down that show the username and time+date of verification, than i i lock the cells if there is any...
  3. C

    Subscript out of range

    I have the following code in vba under the excel object this workbook. When it runs a get error message of subscript out of range. I have verified the worksheet name. Private Sub Workbook_Open() Worksheets(“Startup”).Activate End Sub
  4. D

    Self Certificate Problems

    I have noticed a few old posts on this, but thought I should start a new one. I have created an excel workbook that uses macros (still not working, but that is another issue!). I made a self certificate, and distributed it among my colleagues. Those on XP were able to accept the...

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