1. K

    email address on userform

    I have created a userform that asks for an email address. Does anybody have some code that would verify the email address has the correct format (I don't need to verify the address actually exists). Thanks so much !! The web is just getting me lost and confused.
  2. kelly mort

    Check if a cell contains same digits

    Hi, I am looking for a way to verify if a cell say A1 contains same digits like 1111, 2222, etc. The Len will always be 4. Thanks in advance
  3. B

    VLOOKUP AND - Multiple Critierias

    Hi, im working on a sheet where i need to verify whether two columns fullfill a criteria from a table, i use this formula: =IFERROR(IF(AND(VLOOKUP([@[From zone]];Tabel5;1;FALSE)=[@[From zone]];VLOOKUP([@[To zone]];Tabel5;1;FALSE)=[@[To zone]]);[@[Value 2]];"");0) However as i need to verify...
  4. R

    Pls help - vba for cell reference with file name..

    Hi all, > I have a file in my desktop wherein the name of the file is ATL and data contains inside file will have the same word ATL in any cell reference.. > I just need a macro to cross verify the data that the file name and the cell reference should be the same if it goes wrong then it...
  5. D

    HELP on IF Statement

    =IF('Quarterly Data'!C351> Goals!$Q$45,0,(IF('Quarterly Data'!C395=0,"N/A",(IF((('Quarterly Data'!C351/Goals!$Q$45)-1)=(-1),(100),(ABS(('Quarterly Data'!C351/Goals!$Q$45)-1))*100))))) Could someone tell me what the -1, (100) is? So when I calculate the formula (131.511 / 206.076653) I get...
  6. R

    Verify that Textbox Value is Percentage

    I'm trying to validate that the value of a textbox is a percentage. I use IsNumeric and IsEmpty for other textboxes, but there doesn't appear to be a IsPercentage function that I can use. I'm horrible with everything related to Math, so I'm not sure if I need to do some sort of equation to...
  7. M

    need to verify 2 columns of text to make sure they match

    I have two columns in excel Column B is Addendum #8...Column C is addendums 9-12 I need to verify that the text, for example, in B17 is the exact same as in column C17. I would do this manually there there are hundreds to verify. What formula can i put in column D and drag it down to that...
  8. K

    VBA How to verify if a selection of cells corresponds to a certain value?

    Hello everyone, I have the following problem where I need to verify if a selection of cells corresponds to a certain value. Here's the screenshot of the problem, and when I run that code, it doesn't work as supposed to, although, I don't know other alternatives: Ignore the fact I have = "B"...
  9. R

    What's the opposite of ISNUMBER?

    I have a column of text. There are two numbers that I am extracting from that text and placing each of them in their own cells (two separate columns). I am using ISNUMBER to verify the extracted values are indeed a number and want to use conditional formatting when they are not a number. How...
  10. S

    Formula for verifying whether the value in three cells are #N/A or a numeric value

    Hi. I've got three columns which values are determined by the VLOOKUP formula. Now I would like to create a fourth column, in which the three before-mentioned columns are "verified". IF one of the three columns cointains a valid (numerical value picked up by the VLOOKUP formula) then this value...
  11. A

    Copy and Paste range into another tab

    Good Evening, I'm trying to find a cell range, copy the information from that range and paste it into another tab. This is my code so far: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Sheets("Summary").Select ' Find "C4" cell of data If ThisValue = "PB" Then Range(Cells(4...
  12. R

    Is this Macro possible?

    Hi, I would like to create a macro or excel formula that can verify email addresses in a column. For example, I need to verify a list with a lot of emails that cannot have any special characters or spaces, just one below each other like these:
  13. R

    Verify RGB against Cell Color

    Hello, I need to verify if a cell has a specific RGB color, for example [204,255,204]. The tricky thing is that I am not allowed to use Macro, VB,... Is there a way to verify it? Theoretically i thought about some ideas: verify the color against another cell (both have the same RGB value)...
  14. D

    Do the 4,000+ Emails I was Given Exist? Help Appreciated

    Hi All, So, I have a list of 4,000+ emails in excel (just finished scrubbing them) and I need to verify that the emails are existent. As in, is an actual email address. Scoured the net for a ways to do this, in an automated fashion ofcourse, but have yet to come across a...
  15. bmckenna

    How to remove/change "invalid references" warning???

    I was wondering if its possible to remove or change the "A formula in this worksheet contains one or more invalid references. Verify that...etc..." warning box?
  16. S

    Verify, then return data

    I am working in spreadsheet 1, and need Excel to look at column B, go to spreadsheet 2, find the value (it's text) from that spreadsheet, and tell me if there is a number in a corresponding column which is greater than zero. An example: SPREADSHEET 1 Region Pet North America Mouse South...

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