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  1. spacecaptainsuperguy

    very hidden sheets add-in

    Hi everyone, I used to have an excel add-in that had a form that allowed me to select multiple sheets from within that spreadsheet and select whether to hide, unhide or make very hidden the selected sheets. I recently upgraded my machine and office and that old add-in no longer works. I've...
  2. S

    VBA to unhide a very hidden tab and then hide current tab

    Hi, I have a code that I use to launch an input box, when the correct password is entered it unlocks a specific tab, that was previously VeryHidden. I'd like to modify it so it also hides the current sheet when the answer is correct. When I try to modify, I end up hiding the active sheet...
  3. L

    Need help writing a VBA code excel

    I am a beginner and need things outlined very detailed. I am creating a file for scheduling. In the User tab, in column A I have Admin User Names. I have a code written that in C4 "Username" cell it displays the username of the person. This is from the network. I want to write a code that will...
  4. T

    Scrolldown menu of Sheet names to Hide/Unhide them

    Hi! :) I am pretty new to vba. Can you please help me, I need a vba code to create scrolldown menu with Sheet names of worksheets in the document, so that when you select the certain sheet it would make sheets Very Hidden (if they are not already Hidden) and unhide sheets if they are Very...
  5. B

    Hyperlink to 'Very Hidden Sheets'

    Hi - I've tried searching other threads before posting to no avail.. The workbook I'm building contains performance data on individuals, who'll have access to this book & to their respective data. There are 11 worksheets in total and is consisting of 1 worksheet as the main page and 10 other...
  6. A

    Reproduce same sheet multiple times

    Is there a way to program a single button so when clicked it takes a very hidden sheet, copies it and turns it into a new sheet? Only catch is it would need to change the sheet name each time it is clicked. EXAMPLE WORKBOOK STRUCTURE: (fresh workbook no button click) MainPage(unhidden)...

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