visible property

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    Compile Error when trying to change Object Visibility

    I am trying to figure out what is causing my code to derail and could use another set of eyes looking at it. I have a combobox (cmbEmp1) that is populated with a list of employees. I have 4 text fields (txtTime1,2,3,4) that have their Visible property set to False upon loading my userform...
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    Hide/Unhide a Group Of Sheets

    I really show know this one, but I can't figure it out. I'm trying to group show / hide sheets based on a toggle button on a page. I have other hidden sheets that I want to keep hidden, but I have 15 sheets that I need to toggle back & forth. sheets("sheet1").visible = true -- works fine...
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    Combo box 'visible' property setting doesn't take

    I've got three combo boxes on a worksheet that are very similar, but when I right click->properties and change the "visible" property to 'false' on all three combo boxes, only two become invisible on exiting design mode. The third won't go away. I have the same problem with command buttons...

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