visible range in vba

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    Vis and CountV VBA doesn't work on non-contiguous ranges

    Hi Team, Here's my objective: I have a range of student scores on assessments. I need the average score of the bottom 25% of performers (So if there are 20 students, I need the average of the lowest 5 scores). I have a formula to make this work, but I have a filter running, and I need the...
  2. K

    Retrieving the visible records

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to writing code in macro's. I have a requirement where in i have to copy visible rows except headers from one sheet say sheetSS and paste them to other sheet say sheetRD for particular number of iterations. User can manually filter the records in sheet1. there are 5...
  3. H

    Copy & Paste Visible cells only top 10 filtered range

    Hi Team, Can anyone please help me out how to select top 10 visible range of cells those were filtered and copy paste the same data into different sheet. I need to update this code to updated in vba macro code. Please provide an resolution in order to fix this. NOte: Data is dynamic and it...
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    Transferring Data from one sheet to another

    <HR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #ffffff" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> With some collegues we created a worksbook in order to calculate the final grades that a teacher needs for the students in his/her class. It starts with a sheet in which the teacher identifies...
  5. G

    set visible range of spreadsheet control dynamicaly

    Hi All, I want to set visible range of spreadsheet control. it is showing the default range currently,i want to set it according to the record count is there any way to fix this problem

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