1. L


    I need to calculate the year for the following data. What I want to know for the year column is if there is a date in the Visit date 2018 column bring back 2018 in the year column, if there is a date in the visit date 2019 it will bring back 2019 in the year column, if there is a date in both...
  2. L

    Need Formula that numerous visit cannot be made at the same time and date if on a visit already

    Hi All I have the date of visit and Visitor ID . I need a formula thathighlight if a visitor made a visit within the same time in other words they alsoclaimed to make a visit between Arrival time and Departure time on same date. In other word I have visitors claiming they were on onevisit but...
  3. J

    Return all billing codes billed per customer visit

    Hi folks, I need a formula column to aggregate the codes billed per customer visit (solution would look like E2:E10 below). Then later I can include the results in a PivotTable to see the combo frequency of codes billed at this store. There is a large list of customer transactions. Each row...
  4. K

    Required cell

    ok, I've tried about 2 dozen methods to acheive this, so I'm putting up a post to see if anyone here can help me. Here's what I'm trying to acheive: I have a sheet with 10 columns Date Served, Last Initial, First initial, Zip, First Time Visit, Current month discount, over 60, Men, Women...
  5. S

    Adjust Time in Cells Automatically

    Thank you for taking the time to read. I put together a lot of visit timetables and my issue is they constantly change. For example a visit can start in cell A1 at 09:00 with that section due to finish in cell B1 at 09:20. The next part of the visit could be from cell A2 at 09:20 to cell B2 at...
  6. J

    Countifs comparing dates in same table

    Hi everyone, It is my first time using this service so hoping I will find the answer I need... I got this table named TableTimeData: OPP Number [Project: Created Date] [Site Visit - Completed Date] 0001 11/01/2018...
  7. J

    Formula Help - Days since last event

    Hi - I was hoping somebody could help me out with an excel formula. I'm in operations at a landscaping company, and I'd like a better way to keep track of how many days it's been since the property was last serviced. Below is an example of the spreadsheet I have. Let's say today's hypothetical...
  8. H

    VLOOKUP Date Range Question and Help Please.

    Hello Excel Experts. I am facing some challenges in sorting an excel document, where there are occupancy percentage values by date (e.g. from Jan 1, 2018 to Yesterday) on one sheet and other sheet just have date ranges for a person's visit at our facility e.g. Mr. X visited from Sep. 23 to...
  9. E

    Working with Gaps

    Hello, Is it possible to work with gaps.There must be a gap of 8 days between visits throughout the year.Can I do this automatically?Location X must be scheduled every 8 days for a visit, starting on 2 JanuaryI do not succeed with macrosWho can help me dave
  10. M

    Get Max Date

    I need to return a latest date from a table but filter down on an ID I have 2 tables AD Visit - Holds details of visit dates and can have multiple visits for an ID AD Completed - Holds the ID and needs to show the latest date for an ID The last vist date needs to work on up to the last 8...
  11. L

    Predict next visit

    Hello, Lets say that i am trying to predict when will a customer come back to my shop. 1 means that customer has visited my shop, meanwhile blank cell means that customer did not visit I recorded data of 10 days and i need to predict next visit. It is obvious that customer1 visits every 2...
  12. H

    How Many Hours Photo Timestamp is OUTSIDE of Visit Start / End Timestamps

    I am trying to create a quality assurance report. This report has Photo Timestamps that should have been taken in between the start and end times of the visit conducted. I have a column in the report that flags any photo timestamp outside of the visit start / end times, but that means if it...
  13. sharky12345

    Error trying to find value in column

    I have this formula which I use to find if a value exists in a range; For Each cell In Sheet14.Range("B4:B23") Set found = Sheet4.Columns("N").Find(what:=cell.Offset(0, 15), LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlWhole) If found Is Nothing Then Exit Sub If cell.Offset(0, 2) = "Area" Or cell.Offset(0, 2)...
  14. K

    VBA help.

    Hi, I’m trying to create/find a code that will help me populate my spreadsheet, I have a maintenance spreadsheet that I need to enter new works into. For example, I need to visit one address, 8 x for $100 for 0-2 months, than I will need to visit 16 x $100 for 3-6 months and so on, so I’m after...
  15. G

    SMALL function with multiple IF statements (or alternative suggestion)

    Hi, I am new to this forum and this is my 1st post for help. I have outlined the problem below: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K 1 Job number visit date Job type Status 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 2 23502-3 04/04/2017 Contract Visit completed 1 2 3 4 5 3 23502-4...
  16. M

    IF function help, potentially a different formula woudl work easier

    Hello, I have been searching this forum and youtube all day to figure out this issue. Sorry if this is a repeat. My scenario: I am attempting to do a crosswalk. Basically comparing a legacy system data to an upgraded new system. I am trying to create a formula in the "Proposed S2...
  17. J

    Displaying/Hiding Sheet tabs

    Hello - I was wondering if I could get extra eyes/minds to the following post I created at Would greatly appreciated. I would explain but it would make more sense to visit the following link. Please advise if this post is in violation of any Mr.Excel rules. Thank you...
  18. S

    Excel VBA Lookup values to populate matching columns

    I'm trying to lookup values from Master Data worksheet check if "CONDITION 1" is true and to populate with "Value" each column with header "SITE # 1" in Project Visit worksheet having empty row using VBA. Note that number of row and columns will remain variable, hence I'm want to use <code...
  19. M

    Check Redo Based on Date difference

    Hi, I am looking for a solution to check redo based on multiple criteria. There are basically 2 values in column P and Q it should check both in another sheet named "Previous" if value of P Q matches values in "Previous" and is with 1 month (matching value "Visit") or 3 months (Matching value...
  20. G

    Add hyperlink on a word in textbox

    Hi Friends, Please, If anyone can help me in this scenario. I have created an email template into excel. When I had build a macro to copy this template to clipboard to copy it into outlook body, it comes with table format. Then I had tried to copy this template through adding a textbox and it...

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