1. D

    Power Bi report view

    Hi, Can someone explain why I can't see a 'values' in the report view visualization area , I have x axis etc. but can't see where to drag the values to ? I've added this as thought it might help, yes I have scrolled down . Richard.
  2. J

    Tableau- metrics with Color Gauges with 5 colors that each metric having specific thresholds that determine how full the gauge is/what color it is.

    Below is a sample of the data I am working with but basically, I am creating a dashboard in Tableau that visualizes metrics on a gauge chart. Normally this is quite simple, and I'd just used static parameters to calculate the color, however each of the individual metrics have thresholds on the...
  3. M

    Blood types riddle

    Hi, power-users I've watched Avi Singh's tutorial on organizing a database of employees and their blood types - My issue: I want to write the name of the employee and get a list to whom he/she can donate and from whom he/she can receive blood based on list of employees and...
  4. F

    Power BI Visualization export to PowerPoint

    I have 8 visualizations within my Power Bi Tab. I know I can export the tab to PowerPoint which will give me a slide that looks just like the tab. Is there a way to export each visualization on that one Tab into a separate Slide.
  5. S

    Extract the values from a table based on a rule and create a new table

    Hi I am quite new to power bi and trying to learn how to use DAX and other power bi queries. I have been trying but not able to get what I want from my below query. I hope someone can help. I have same data in below 2 formats and I want the output table as below. Any data table can be used to...
  6. D

    Tableau for Data Visualization Software

    I'm thinking about software to help with graphics. Has anyone used Tableau, or one of the other data visualization tools? What are your impressions and how is the cost? Thank you - Dave
  7. P

    Sparklines - zoom/pop out

    Hi Not sure if its possible but I am looking for a way to have some sort of visualization to be able to zoom in on a selected sparkline or have it pop out Thanks
  8. kpasa

    Preferred Method to aggregate daily data

    Hello Community! I'd like to get your thoughts on how I should approach a new project. We get a daily report from one of our partners with subscriber usage stats. It comes in the form of a CSV and is only 1 day's worth of data. Our goal is to aggregate the data in order to do calculations on...
  9. M

    Copy paste charts with dynamic rows/column references

    Hey guys, Not sure if I neeed VBA to accomplish this or not, but I can’t be the first that needs a way to do this. I have a column of dates in A. In column B I am computing the AVERAGE of the values in columns C through Z). And then in columns C through Z I have data. I would like an easy way...
  10. T

    Creating a table from a table visualization

    Hello, I have a table visualization that has a few columns based on DAX measures. It has 500K records. I would like to export it to a CSV and would be happy to use the DAX studio. But...How do I "convert" the table visualization into a "regular" table to which I could query in the DAX...
  11. A

    Power BI Table Visualization NaN and Numbers in same column

    Hi everyone, I have an Excel Table several columns that contain numbers but a few cells contain "N/A". When I load this table into Power BI and add these columns in a Table Visualization, the cells with "N/A" are blank. I am curious to know if it is possible to have "NaN" or "N/A" and Numbers...
  12. J

    Data Visualization Issue - Misaligned on X Axis

    Hi All, I attempted to post an attachment, but it appears I do not have this permission? I am attempting to fill the are under my XY scatter plot, but for some reason the area chart and XY scatter plot are just slightly misaligned along the X Axis. If anyone is willing to attempt to recreate...
  13. J

    Rotate Area Chart (Toggle X Y Axis) - Visulize a Funnel

    I've been looking for a solution to this interesting dilemma and I can't come up with a great solution... all I need to do is rotate my area chart... it's time that I opened up my question on MrExcel as I am truly out of ideas. Hoping one of you can help me solve this. I would appreciate any...
  14. A

    Matrix visualization not printing colors

    Hi all, I published the PowerBI Desktop to web to print my reports in PDF. But for the matrix visualization the print option does not show/print the color not in PDF nor printing with real printer. I tried the printer settings but did not work :-( Any solution?
  15. J

    Making min-max-average bar charts work

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to recreate this graphical representation for my data, which is an aggregation that consists of many series each with three columns: min, max, and average in the range from 1.0 to 4.0. I've experimented with floating bar charts, where I've created a fourth column...
  16. L

    Excel - Bar Chart with horizontal reference line on each bar

    want to create a bar chart that compares groups at 2 points in time, t1 vs t2. But instead of having them side by side, I want to have t2(now) as a bar and t1(before) as a horizontal line. Similar to what you can do with Tableau (for those who use it). Except it does not have to be Horizontal...
  17. S

    How to visualise the costs per unit of several energy providers?

    Hello, energy providers usually charge a monthly fixed rate and a flexible consumption-based rate. Some only charge the later. This has implications for the overall costs based on projected consumption. I want to enter the the fixed and flexible rate into excel and then get a graph that show...
  18. N

    Bubble Visualization of 'Excel Questions'

    Here is a quick bubble pack layout of this sub-forum Bubble My Page Visualization - - using You can generate such bubble visualization for any tabular data including excel or flat files. -NJ
  19. A

    Simple visualization for project database

    Hi everyone, I have a request that should hopefully be somewhat simple for the geniuses out there. I've played with variations of arrays, INDEX, and MATCH, but can't figure this one out. This is how my database is stored: <table x:str="" style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 276pt;"...

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