vlookup count

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    How to Join (2 VLOOKUP Formulas together) to get 1 result?

    Hello, I'm trying to see if there is a Formula to look up (2 Vlookup formulas to get 1 result)? And since I there isn't a place for me to attach a .xlsm or .xls file to show you. I'll have to explain below. Example: I have a Tournament of 20 teams, and each Team plays each other and I have the...
  2. G

    Vlookup Exact match instead of wildcard

    i'm trying to do i Vlookup but i'm looking up for example 50212 but where i'm trying to find it, it looks like this 50212sd-23-2-09 is there anyway i can do =vlookup(a2, (left, 5) A5-C5, 3, false) Also is it possible to put a count in so it counts how many characters are in...

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