vlookup if

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    If inside if(vlookup)

    Hello, I need some help, I have a worksheet and in one cell I check if it equals to 0 it should do vlookup to other sheet and get from there the information. But I want to add to it that if the vlookup is also equals to 0 so it should do antoher vlookup to another worksheet and get the...
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    ADD-IN additional IF to Already Existing IF Function - VLOOKUP COMPARISON Add-in

    Good Morning accomplished VBA peers. I'm running into a problem. I need to add-in an additional IF parameter and it's complicated. It touches on parts of VBA that I am not comfortable with and frankly, I don't know how to begin. This macro was essentially written by this board anyhow...
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    Vlookup- multiple values

    The cells refer to numbers. I am looking to match numbers on one worksheet to another. Some cells contain the same numbers and it pulls the first one... This is a formula I am working with. The problem is that it picks out the first value that T15 matches to, and disregards the rest of the...
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    IF/VLOOKUP Statement

    Hi Hopefully somebody can help me as my eyes are beginning to burn I have been looking at this so long! Basically I am exporting data from another programme in to Excel and need to perform a less than ordinary (for me) VLOOKUP to another workbook. The aim is to look up the value of column H...

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