volatile cell reference

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    Way to clean up Dynamic Index (dirty/volatile)

    Hello all, I've got a table with date and time of sportmatches being played. In another sheet I would like to have the most 7 upcoming games. a short/simple example: <tbody> A B C D E 12 Round Date Time yearfrac key/row# 13 1 11 aug 18:00 0,005555556 1 14 12...
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    INDIRECT, volitile and speed help

    I have a workbook with 2 worksheets. One shows the report (Output) the other has the raw data (Raw Data). I want the user to be able to easily amend the formulas (without having to understand them) if the structure of the raw data changes, e.g. new column added. I have a header row on the...
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    Indirect Formula help

    Hi I'm trying to use the indirect function to populate the following formula =SUM('worksheet_1:Worksheet_100'!U2) - This formula works exactly as I want it to..... The values worksheet_1 and Worksheet_100 are to be volatile and taken from cells AA1 and AA2. Cell AJ3 is a number (2 in this...
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    How can I select a cell reference inside a cell in VBA?

    OK, this is a bit difficult to explain. I want to select the specified range in a cell, not the cell itself. I have: Range("q3").Select The cell "q3" has a volatile cell reference IN it (AM23). I want to select the "AM23", not the "Q3". Is that clear? I am sure this is simple to...

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