1. jmacleary

    Watermark problems in excel 2007

    Hello folks. I have a problem with adding a watermark. I have followed the instructions given by a number of people on the web (including microsoft) and on this forum and added my jpeg into the header of my worksheet. In print preview, it looks perfect, but when I print, the watermark obscures...
  2. M

    Watermark hides cells when printing sheet

    Hi, I've googled, searched forum, but haven't found any solution for it. In excel 2010 I've put a washed out watermark for an invoice behind a table with contents, looks fine, but when printing the image, already in print preview the image of watermark comes forward and therefore covers the...
  3. B

    Locking down images/watermarks

    Hi all. I would like to be able to insert a logo either as a picture or watermark and lock it down with a password. Is this possible without vba?
  4. A

    Watermark a cell with VBA

    I have been searching the web to try and find a solution to this but I can't seem to find what I am looking for. What I need; One single cell (will have multiple but can recreate the code for different text) with a "watermark" containing instructions. I need this to disappear as soon as...
  5. M

    Chart export saves a watermark instead of image when picture inserted into Worksheet using VBA

    Hi all. I want to save a picture (shape) from my Worksheet as a file, using VBA. When I manually insert the picture into the Worksheet and name it - all works perfect. When I use VBA to insert the picture and name it - instead of saving the image, the resulting file is a picture of a grey...
  6. S

    Make watermark non-deleteable

    Per google the consensus on adding a watermark seems to be to add a rectangle object with Text for your watermark. I've done this for an Excel file generated by MS Access - the watermark indicates the file is not final ("Not Approved"). But it is deleteable, which is bad from an audit...
  7. P

    Adding PDF as background (watermark)

    Hello, I have a sheet that gets saved as PDF (currently using the .ExportAsFixedFormat method), works flawlessly. I'd like to add a PDF-background to this PDF, like a watermark. Reason for this is that the header and footer settings in Excel just aren't advanced enough and can't offer real high...
  8. B

    Word WaterMark using Excel VBA - Runtime Error 438

    Hello all, I have a project where I am exporting an excel table to word and trying to add a watermark. Everything is working except for the watermark. When I put the watermark code in a Word module it works however in excel I'm getting runtime errors. I've added the Word library to so I'm not...
  9. B

    Word WaterMark using Excel VBA - Runtime Error 438

    Hello all, I have a project where I am exporting an excel table to word and trying to add a watermark. The loop is as follows, Create folder, create word doc, add table to word doc, save, add watermark, save, close, loop. Everything is working except for the watermark. When I put the watermark...
  10. C


    Is there a way to add a watermark such as "DRAFT" to an Excel spreadsheet? If so, how is that done?
  11. W

    Layered Cells in Excel for the Creation of a 3-Dimensional Spreadsheet...?

    I would like to create a calendar using Excel (2007), with each cell representing one day. I need to show the day of the month for each cell, but would like for that number to be ignored with respect to the data that is placed within each cell. I would like to represent the date with a large...
  12. B

    Formula related to a high watermark calculation

    Hello, I have the following column of data in D5 through D15. <tbody> <tbody> 128.68 142.68 149.69 173.32 182.84 115.19 145.67 167.60 171.14 198.52 237.81 </tbody> </tbody> What I'd like to do in E5 through E15 is take the value from the corresponding D cell if it is...
  13. W

    VBA to watermark all sheets

    I have harvested some code in order to create a watermark on all sheets within a workbook. The problem is - the watermarks are placed on only the first (active) sheet (one on top of another). How do i get the VBA to move over the next sheet, and the next, and so on. Staring at the code but its...
  14. T

    vba + image + conditional?

    Hi! I'm new to this, but i've surfed the forums and can't find an answer to my problem. In cell (A1), I have a dropdown box with two options: GOLD or SILVER. Basically, if SILVER is chosen in that cell, then I want a watermark (or mimic watermark using wordart?) to be displayed across the...

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