1. N

    Sort Contents Within 1 Cell

    I have a list of values that is seperated by a return. How do I sort each cell in alphabetical order without moving the row? EXAMPLE. CURRENT DATA <tbody> 1 APPLES GRAPES WATERMELON BANANA CHEERY 2 PINK BLUE GREEN YELLOW 3 APRIL AUGUST JULY DECEMBER JUNE </tbody> WANTED RESULTS <tbody>...
  2. G

    formula to find unique values

    Dear All, Need some help on retrieve unique values into column E. Please refer below for samples. i have tried vlookup and hlookup but can't work :( <tbody> columnA columnB columnC columnD columnE reference apple not not not apple watermelon not orange not not orange banana not not...
  3. A

    VBA for formatting line breaks

    Dear Excel Community, Currently I have multiple cells with data arranged like the example below: <tbody> Apple Orange Watermelon & Mangosteen Using this formula : For Each UsedCell In Selection Cells.Replace What:=Chr(10), Replacement:=" " My data gets rearranged to...
  4. S

    IF condition

    I have to change the name as per the group in 'Type' column. it is working fine if it is represented as single name, but not with multiple names. Eg., For Apple, Orange, Watermelon, it should come as Medium, Soft Formula used in 'Type' Column -...

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