web address

  1. S

    VBA for lookup process

    Hi! I'm trying to trying to automate a lookup process in VBA, but I can't really get it to work. Would really appreciate if anyone could help me with this. So, here's what I'm trying to do: I want to automatically populate cell F4 with a number wich is in the first part of a string on a...
  2. J

    Macro for checking if articles are online in an onlineshop or if a 404 error code appears

    Hi I have a list with a lot of URL adresses of articles where I would like to check if the articles are actually in a specific onlineshop or if a 404 error code appears. It would be great if excel would show the value 0 if the article is online or the value 1 if an error accurs. Here is an...
  3. D

    scrapping from website

    Hello friends, I want to extract specific data (Table) from this website ( https://www.nseindia.com/option-chain ). I am attaching a photo for clarification. Pls help me it urgent. Thanks
  4. I

    Check URL string if it contains Certain word

    Hi, i'm trying to go to a certain webpage. If its already logged in, it does some actions. If its not logged in, it logs in before executing the actions. But i need the VBA to search if the upon going to the webpage, it asks for my login details below is wat i've already written. Sub...
  5. B

    inserting a web address into message code

    Hello I am trying to just insert a link to a website in an email that I am sending in vba. It's just a simple "http:www.lakjehfkashkh.com" but it keeps give me an error Compile error: Expected: Line number or label or statement or end of statement any help would be appreciated. best
  6. D

    Coding 2 loops in VBA

    Hi, I don't have a lot of experience with macros but I managed to build the start of something that works using the macro recorder (See below). The issue that I'm running into now is that I want to code a loop into the macro. I have a list of websites in column G and I want to open them in...
  7. B

    How to Automate finding websites in VBA

    I have an excel spreadsheet of about 12,000 rows of data. I'm trying to automate the task as follows: Step 1: Copy row 2 column C Step 2: Paste and enter into google Step 3: Select first link Step 4: Copy webpage URl Step 5: Paste URL to Row 2 Column K Step 6: Repeat for next row I'm fairly...
  8. M

    Hyperlinks to some images on the web are slow to open

    We are building a cloud-based solution with an Excel file export. This file contains hyperlinks to open photos from our server in a web browser. In Excel 2011 and 2013, I have run into an issue where our hyperlinks to images on the web can take minutes to open. Simple links to Google or specific...
  9. A

    Web Data Collection.

    I would like to be able to use a macro that ask for apart of an web address then use that address to get the information I want. Example: Items bold and underlined needs to be changed Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' look at me ' ' With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:= _...
  10. A

    Matching part of a web address in another cell

    I Require assistance with the following problem: In column A I have a lengthy data set of complete web addresses circa 50,000 lines long all with the domain somewhere in the middle eg: http://movie.lagri.com.cn/alexa_2010-02-25/432 http://wopin.com.cn/rank/domainlist.cn_4.html...
  11. O

    VBA script to download CSV from Web to Workbook

    Hi all! I have a workbook and want to be able to download a CSV file from a web address (http://www.asx.com.au/data/options_code_list.csv) and paste it into one of the sheets using a Clickbutton. This is beyond my current understanding of VBA and have had trouble finding a good answer. Would...
  12. R

    Placing a variable inside a URL

    Hi there, I'm pretty new at the VB side of excel and am having some problems sorting through this issue. I've researched the web and cannot find the answer I need. Here's what I'm trying to do: I have a cell on a sheet in which I insert an image on using the following macro: Sub getImage()...
  13. A

    Activate web links in excel

    I've created a spreadsheet in which I have a column of web address links that should take the user to the documentation source. How do I activate the links? Some copied over active, but several did not.

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