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    Linking Web Data with Excel

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    Web Scrapping / Send Keys

    Hello everybody :biggrin: After a long research I cannot figure it out how to write in a search box via sendkeys. This search box doesn't have a search button, it works with an auto complete, and that's why I need to simulate the keystrokes. Because in this way With IE .Navigate...
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    Copy and Close Tabs Using VBA

    Hi, I am trying to use excel to extract data and have reached a roadblock when it comes to extracting website contents. The three things I would like to be able to do are: 1) Bring up an open internet browser (preferably Firefox but IE will do) 2) Select and copy entire webpage contents 3)...
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    Web based pivot tables and charts

    Effective data analysis is more important then ever before, and the trend is that everything is moving online, SaaS systems and cloud computing. What we at Flexmonster did - we created a fully functional web based flex pivot table component that can be integrated into any system for effective...

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