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    Copy from Excel into webform fields

    Hello, I'm new to this, and read through multiple threads but all I found talk about automation. I don't need to automate (at least not yet) but I have a spreadsheet of data (one column, 2,000 rows) that I need to be able to copy and paste into a web form that is just multiple boxes. The...
  2. T

    Help needed with VBA code to filling a webform

    Hello all, I would like to create a code in VBA to complete some fields in a webform. Due to privacy-matters I can't copy the whole code of the form. However I can sent the part, where I'm stuck. To complete the webform it appaers I should note something like this in VBA. <code...
  3. E

    Macro To Log Into Website: Can't Submit Webform

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to write a macro that will log me into a website (i.e. enter my username and password, then submit the webform). Everything runs perfectly until the macro tries to submit the form...at that point, it just refreshes the login page, rather than redirecting me to the...
  4. B

    Import from Excel to VBA and export to new sheet

    Hi folks, Really hoping that someone can tell me if this is possible. I'm working on a little project within my job and its my first time using VBA. I've built a form that will allow our analysts to review data using dropdown menus. So for example, an end customer will leave a review for the...
  5. G

    I want to write a comprehensive program... I think

    Hi all! I have a question that is somewhat general, I'm really looking for a starting point, or a thread that can help in more depth. I do consulting work for golf courses - my background is in turf - and as part of my consulting, I often "build" chemical and fertilizer programs for use by...
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    update a web form

    Hey Everyone I am trying to use an existing webform to lookup and then update a record. The first thing I have done is opened the search page and populated the text box and submit the form. This then load the page with the record details which are presented in a prepopulated webform. It...

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