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    VBA to open hypertext on a website

    I am very green to VBA. I learned online by reading through forums and watching YouTube. So please be descriptive in your response. Or just respond bc I need help lol So I am using code below to navigate to a company site and logging on. This works fine and takes me to homepage. Now I am stuck...
  2. D

    VBA to Log into Googles DropBox and submit Files

    Hi every one, I'm hoping someone on here can help me. I'm using an online google site that allows you to upload files, which are linked to Dropbox, which is then linked to my google drive, allowing direct uploads to my google drive if you have the website address I'm familiar with vba's but...
  3. O

    VBA loggin into a website

    Hello guys, first i'm in need of a code that logs in into an website to collect it's information. I've been trying it in a hole different ways, but none seems to work, i've tryed many codes and kinds, i've seen some problems that i'd not been able to solve. First of all: The website never gets...
  4. Q

    VBA to login to a website ( entering username and pass and hit enter )

    so by searching alot i put a code together to automatically login to a page that i want , the following code works fine with Gmail, but not with the login page that i want, my login HTML code on the form section looks like this </SPAN> <</SPAN>div</SPAN> id</SPAN>="divLogin"></SPAN>...
  5. A

    How to create a macro that opens a webpage and introduces text into a form !

    Hi all, I have a problem creating a macro that opens a web page, goes to a specific section of the page (by clicking on a link), introduces a captcha code (from an image) and then imports into excel the tables shown above the form. Then goes to the following page of tables and imports (through...
  6. D

    Help with Sendkeys or alternate method to enter data in website

    Hello, In Excel 2007, I'm trying to get data from a website using VBA so that I can process it. I have to enter the website and enter in a part number to search on, then select the search result. Finally, I can highlight everything and copy to the clipboard. From there, I can work out the steps...

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