website logon password

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    using VBA to enter website login information

    I am trying to automate the login to a website that I use regularly. I have written code that will succesfully: 1. Open the website 2. Enter the correct username 3. Enter the correct password Whenever the code attempts to .submit the information I get a website error that states my...
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    Using VBA to login and pull file from website

    Hello everyone, i'm getting a little stuck and hoping someone can help redirect me. Scenario: I process commission statements and for one client we get 30 different login's for each one of our producers. I currently have all the logins and passwords in an excel document. I must login to each...
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    Logon to website...almost there

    I'm trying to update code that I've used for years to logon to websites to get information. I've used sendkeys to transfer IDs/Passwords to sites for years, and it still works, but thought I would get the code current. I use XL2007 and I've searched on the board and can pass the password and...

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