1. Z

    Find the Distinct Count of most common day for products used by day of the week (1-7) distinct count

    I have bike share data that indicates the day of the week a bike was used in number format 1-7 (indicates days of the week). I want to figure out the most common days of the week a specific route was most popular i.e. for each specific route which (number or) day was most common. I believe what...
  2. A

    dates between range including start and finish

    I've tried using =NETWORKDAYS and it does work, but it excludes the start and finish dates. Is there a method that will count weekdays in a range while including and the start and end in that range? example: Start date: July 8th, 2020 End date: July 15th, 2020 NETWORKDAYS: 4 Desired count: 6
  3. K

    How to replace weekend and capture the next business day

    Hello, I have a record with dates that included the weekends in there. I would like to find and replace the weekend days to next business day. <colgroup><col width="149" style="width: 112pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 5449;"> <tbody> #C65911[/URL] , align: right"]1-Jun-2014...
  4. P

    Workdays Formula for GANTT CHART

    Hey All, Can any one please help me out with the Workdays formula for attached excel Sheet. I don't want the weekdays. Like you can see the attached file that it says weekdays in =E2-WEEKDAY(E2,1)+2+7*(E4-1) Can any one please help. https://ibb.co/71yvZTc...
  5. A

    3 weekdays or more in a week relates to same month

    If a week has 3 or more weekdays in it, the first the same month is shown in the next cell? What formula can I use to show this? Example dates 31-Jan-17 would show 01-Feb-17. 31-Jan-18 would show 01-Jan-18. 01-Sep-21 would show 01-Sep-21. 01-Sep-22 would show 01-Aug-22.
  6. D

    DateAdd function not working properly for me!

    Hey guys, I am using the dateadd funtion to add weekdays to my date, but it appears to be including the weekends as well. Can you help?? I am attempting to add 25 weekdays (Mon-Fri) to the reservation_date field. When I use the funtion below, it returns the date plus 25 days... Dateadd("W"...
  7. E

    Autofill a range with weekdays and exclude holidays

    Hallo good people I am doing a project and the line below autofill a range for me (it works just fine) with weekdays. ActiveCell.AutoFill Destination:=Range(ActiveCell.Address & ":" & "B" & Days + 4), Type:=xlFillWeekdays However, I have a table somewhere called Holidays (with dates) and I...
  8. R

    average by weekdays and sorting?

    hi, i have a daily total players list, i wanted to make a list and chart, which has number of average players by weekdays (rightside of the picture) in descending order. i used AVERAGE(IF(WEEKDAY($V$4:$V$34)=6;($X$4:$X$34))) and ctrl shift+enter ; but is give a ˝value˝ error, when any cell...
  9. C

    Sum multiple time differences

    I have a calendar and I'm trying to calculate the hours worked. In cells C7 and D7 are start and stop times for Saturday and E7 start , F7 stop... for Monday. This repeats across to Sunday at O7 and P7. in Q6 is this formula...
  10. A

    Counting weekdays in Excel

    Hi, I need to count only weekdays between two dates in Excel. My working day is six days per week. Can any one help me in this.
  11. N

    Ignore data in weekend column

    Hi, I have a number of columns and rows of data. The columns consist of dates from the 1st to the 31st of the month. The rows contain various items, for example, RED GREEN BLUE YELLOW For each colour there will be a quantity. Basically for each day of the week we will make a number of each...
  12. F

    hide column with date condition

    I want to hide automatically <colgroup><col style="text-align: center;"><col span="30" style="text-align: center;"></colgroup><tbody> Sep-17 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 # 21 # # # 25 # 27 # # # 31...
  13. W

    VBA for printing weekdays in every page

    Hi Everyone , if I want to print all the weekdays in between a range , i.e 3 Feb 2017 & 23 Feb 2017, one single weekdays per every page,for example the first page will be 3 Feb 2017, second page will be 5 Feb 2017 and till 23 Feb 2017, is there any easy way to do that ? Thanks
  14. J

    Count work days only

    Hello, I am trying to count the number of days that fall into a working week (Mon-Fri). My dates are in range J6:NK6 and I want to count the number of times "S" appears in range J10:NK10 that is on a weekday only. But here is the tricky part I also need to exclude bank holidays that are in a...
  15. dchaney

    Counting Workdays in Access

    Hello all, if this was answered already I am sorry. I did a search and did not find anything. Anyway, I have to create a report on a weekly basis for a customer. Currently I do this in Excel, but I pull all of the data from access. So to save time I am trying to set it up to pull the info and...
  16. mrxlsx

    How to build Countifs function with varying weekdays in different months?

    Hello all, I have a file with 3 sheets with Sales data. First sheet is for capturing Sales data, second sheet, with some Weekly Analysis and Monthly Analysis using COUNTIFS, third is charts based on second sheet's formulas. When I use COUNTIFS function to capture the monthly sales nos, the...
  17. Fa.Fa

    Help A Sistah Out!!! - Formatting Cell --> Day of Week

    SHORT VERSION: I have a column for date of draft depending on date of load. I want to be able to have the DRAFT date automatically filed after entering the date LONG VERSION: So I started helping out at a fuel company and I was bragging about being good at excel. I didn't know nearly as much...
  18. D

    Amend IF(WEEKDAY) formula to avoid negative dates error

    Hi, I'm using the formula =G2-(IF(WEEKDAY(G2)>1,WEEKDAY(G2)-2,6)) to convert a date to the first day of that week (Monday), kindly suggested by Schwarzmanne. I want to amend this to avoid the 'negative dates or times are displayed as ####' error that appears if any cells are blank. Anyone...
  19. C

    Identifying Weekends

    I am trying to identify weekends in a date range. I know that I can use the Edit>Fill>Series option and select weekdays only but I actually want to show them on my spreadsheet but grey them out. Is there any formula to do this?

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