1. L

    Absurd Bug with Protected Cells

    Hi I have locked/protected a couple of cells, while simultaneously running some VBA code to hide those cells on a conditional basis. The protected cells cannot be hidden. I have to unprotect the sheet in order to hide the cells. Please help with the same. Also I have a cell B2, who's input...
  2. D

    Removing weird/garbage text from Excel

    Hi, So before posting I have tried searching online and searching here, whilst I did get it resolved I've found another issue. So my Excel files have these –, ¿½, â„¢ & ÔÇô etc. So as I said checking online it's to do with encoding, I re-saved the file as ANSI in notepad which got rid of...
  3. J

    Weird Date Format 20160726

    I have a spreadsheet that is sent to me with a strange date format that I would like to convert to a more standard format. It looks like this when I get it: 20160726 Which translates to 07/26/2016. There are about 58,000 rows with this weird date. What do you think would be the fastest way...
  4. G

    Weird Vlookup Behavior

    I know how to use VLookup and have done so successfully many many times. I am getting some weird behavior that is not right and was hoping someone knows how to fix it. I use the data import feature on Excel to create an index for the rows of data and that index is, of course the first column...
  5. R

    Rearranging Data in each cell in a Column

    Hi A bit of background An automatic report I receive displays the date and time in a weird way: 19/08/2006 19:11:13 YY/MM/YYDD HH:MM:SS is there a way to rearrange this data to a more usable format?
  6. T

    New weird PQ error

    I'm getting a new weird error on a simple "get a sheet from another local file" PQ query. "Typelib export: General Error. See IError info for more information (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131136) I can't find that Hresult value on any board. Anyone know what's going on here? Client info...
  7. P

    How to create a table to give me certain X & Y values

    Yea i know, that title is a little weird. But this is what i am trying to do. I have somewhere an example of this, but didn't have time to figure out how they did it. I have 2 sheets with X & Y data. Y is in bounds, X has temperature and a scale for altitude. Where they intersect is the value...
  8. D

    Weird Filter Behavior

    I am getting a weird result when applying a data filter. Initially the data filter was working correctly. But after inserting some additional data in the middle of the original data set the filter is now only looking/sorting down to row 18. I have tried manually correcting the range that I found...
  9. C

    Weird Percentage Question

    Hi all. I'm trying to find a number that is exactly 4% of an original number. When I use the formula "=1473*0.96" I get 1414.08 then when I go to find the percentage change between 1414.08 and 1473 I get 4.17% What gives? The number I should be getting is a number like 1416.34 Is there another...
  10. J

    How to combine rows where column is equal. Weird source data layout.

    I am querying a database that is setup in a weird fashion. It has a work order field, a index field, and a text field. So below work order "9" says "DISPENSER 1 MIDGRADE PUMP NOT WORKING" and as you can see 9 has two sequence numbers. I need to find a way to combine these into 1 row that would...
  11. N

    To dumb to make workin VBA. HELP

    I have a problem. I was lookin every where but im to dumb i assume hope someone here will help with macro :) In first worksheet i have kind of comparission database A:J titles on first Line of course In second i have to fill up form from A to F Just write down any numbers How to find...
  12. E

    Cannot hide or unhide rows

    Hi, Using Excel 2016 desktop app. I've encountered a weird issue this past week - suddently the function in Excel to hide & unhide rows is completely disabled in all my workbooks - the function when right clicking a row is grayed out both on "Hide" & "Unhide". I've tried creating a completely...
  13. J

    Weird paste issue

    I have started to see a weird paste issue with Excel (I have Office 365). There is a block of text in CSV format in Notepad++, such as: apples,oranges,cherries,bananas,grapes When I paste it into Excel, it gets turned into rows automatically: apples oranges cherries bananas grapes This...
  14. G

    vba code for unicode

    Below vba code to highlight non-unicode cells, as it make non-unicode to unicode also please suggest <CODE> Sub Dimitris2() Dim cell As Range, weird As Boolean, cnt& cnt = 0 For Each cell In ActiveSheet.UsedRange weird = False If Not IsError(cell) Then If Len(cell) > 0 Then...
  15. E

    Recent files display as list under the File tab, Info tab greyed out

    When I click on the File tab, a bunch of recently opened files are listed above the Info tab. That tab is greyed out. I can't remove this list or the items in it. Anyone else have this issue? The firewall at work won't allow me to use any of the image attachment widgets.
  16. T

    VBA for moving row to another sheet

    Hey guys, I have absolutely no idea what I have mixed up here... I tried a bunch of different sample codes and some seems to overwrite the last row instead of going to the next blank row (only every now and then, not every time). But the current code in the sample seems to be working to a...
  17. J

    Weird VBA Bug - Workbook.Open & For/Next Loop

    Today, I ran into the weirdest bug I have ever seen in VBA, and I thought you all might find it interesting. I'll post the workbook on Monday, but here's what I can tell you for now. The code goes something like this: Sub Example() dim arrNames() as variant dim intLoop as integer dim intSize...
  18. S

    Pivot Tables - Filtered Data not Filtering

    Hello, I experienced a really weird problem. We have a database set-up at work. I do not have access to the raw data. We can select the data we need and then it imports it into a Pivot Table for us. I am extremely familiar with Pivot Tables and have created 100's of them in my day-to-day...
  19. C

    Percentage and Sum total Question

    I created a simple table with reimbursement rates and amounts. The amounts have no order and should not add to 100% as this is not a cumulative type thing. Basically, I have people that were reimbursed at different levels. I calculated the percentage for each person based on how much they...
  20. S

    text box weird behavior

    I have text boxes in excel worksheet's and they are behaving abnormally. for example: 1)when you click in the text box then use the arrow keys to move the cursor, it moves left if you press the right arrow key and right if you press the left arrow key. 2)when the cursor is at the end of the...

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