1. B

    Wild Card in SUMPRODUCT formula search

    =SUMPRODUCT(--('2019 Sales'!$CR$1:$CR$1055<>"IND")*--('2019 Sales'!$D$1:$D$1055=$A$2)*--('2019 Sales'!$B$16:$BY$16=BX$1)*--('2019 Sales'!$B$17:$BY$17=$A3),'2019 Sales'!$B$1:$BY$1055) Using the above SUMPRODUCT formula - where I have "IND" aim is to sum everything excluding any matches to IND...
  2. D

    wild card date

    How do I use vba to refer to a sheet with a date of "july xxxx"? The x is in place of a number. Therefore, it could be july 2018 or july 2019 etc?
  3. P

    How to handle .VIS file name in VBA using wild cards

    Guys - I am trying to open .vis file using wild cards. The wild card is not working for one particular scenario. The below code is working fine if the File Name is Trial.vis. But, it will not work if the file name is Trial_RE.vis. (However, for .xlsx, it works fine for both the scenarios)...
  4. M

    Highlighting "?" in a whole sheet.

    I want to condtionally format my sheet so that cells containing ? would get highlights. But when i select highlights cells containing ? in the conditional formatting, Whole Sheet gets highlighted. I though maybe its Wild character and tried "?" & '?'. But Not working. Thanks in Advance.
  5. S

    Wild Card in VBA??

    Hi I am importing a report, however sometimes there is a large space within the heading, eg..."Account_Number ", sometimes there isn't, eg..."Account_Number" Rather than having to change the code every time to accommodate this space, is there a wild card I can use in VBA? Hope...
  6. N

    Vlookup text with wildcards into text ranges

    Dear Excel Expert, I been searching for Vlookup function in google for the partial text with a wild cards but it always give me the formula looking for a partial text looking up into ranges with wild cards. My question is vice versa. Example I need to Vlookup the certain text with wild card...
  7. Solola

    Wildcard not returning blank fields

    I swear I've never had this problem before, but now I am (maybe I was just never previously aware that I wasn't getting the data I thought I was getting): I have a query that prompts the user to enter text to be used as criteria: Like "*" & [Enter Supplier Name] & "*" I used to think that...

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