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    Convert the order the first and last name is written via formula

    Hi assuming I have "Driver Name: Donald Williams Jr" in Cell A1 in B1 I am looking formula that will show "Williams Jr, Donald" ...not sure if that is possible so the other option is in B1 have just "Donald Williams Jr" then in C1 "Williams Jr, Donald" thanks for the help.
  2. B


    <tbody> A B C D E F G H 1 PITCHERS WIN LOSS DATE WIN LOSS PITCHER 2 DAVIS 3/30 1 DAVIS 3 SMITH 3/31 1 SMITH 4 JONES 4/1 1 JONES 5 WILLIAMS 4/2 1 WILLIAMS 6 4/3 1 DAVIS 7 4/4 1 SMITH 8 4/5 1 JONES 9 4/6 1 WILLIAMS 10 4/7 1 DAVIS 11 4/8 1...
  3. G

    Index & Match & Date quandry

    Hi there I have some data that I want to pull out the 'max' and by 'who' within a defined month. I've managed the max formula ok but struggling to build the month part into my index/match array. Any help would be truly appreciated...
  4. O

    Vlookup with Partial Text Match

    Hello Everyone, I am hoping to populate a cell in a worksheet using Vlookup and a lookup value. The lookup value is a First and a Last Name (e.g. Serena Williams). The table array is on a separate worksheet containing the staff details for all the staff in this company. However, the first and...
  5. S

    Vlookup multiple matches based on multiple conditions

    Hello I need a formula for the following. I need to pull the name with multiple criteria. For example I need to know from MGM who by name has No-Action. Can anyone help please? Sheet 1: <tbody> A B C Name Org. Action Johnson MGM No-Action Robinson CDF Active Williams MGM No-Action...
  6. D

    Financial formulas: Macro to calculate Williams %R

    I am working on this project which needs to calculate Williams %R momentm indicator and then draw a bar chart for the result. I am just not able to get started. any help on this will be really appreciated.

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