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    Retrieve textfile properties of file in zipfolder

    Dear all, I wrote a VBA macro (partly mine and partyl snippets from the Internet) that lists all files that are contained in all zip files the macro can find in the starting path: folder_path = "C:\Users\[MYNAME]\Desktop\prod". This works. It runs through every Folder down to zipArchive which...
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    Given the HWND values for several application windows, how to use vba to return each window as an object?

    I use an API, run in excel, that returns: Parent window handles, classes and text. for ANY excel, non-Excel/non-office app. 'source: The handle (HWND), 'text' and 'class' variables enable the identification of each Application window...
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    Record active Windows window titles, with times

    Hi, I'm trying to write a macro that records the titles of the active window, together with the times that window was active for (i.e. start and finish time). The macro should run in the background all day long and record until closed. Please note that I mean Windows window, not Excel...
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    VBA to return LoginID not user name

    Morning All Below is the code I am using to return the full name of the current PC user. I am using this in a selection of workbooks to create user logs, track behavior and speed up data entry. In one project I would like to get the value for the user Login (not name). This is the initial ID...
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    Excel Multiple Instances - (1) VB.NET API Excel Interface app (2) Excel VBA coded program app

    Hello All, My First Post but trust a freaking long time user. :) OK so this is a new one for me and I always seem to get the fun stuff. I have a simple Excel VBA Workbook program that has worked fine up till now just using its internal calculations. However, recently a rigorous program...
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    Help needed with VBA for printer settings popup

    Hi guys long time user 1st time poster. I am hoping someone will be able to give me a hand or at least point me in the right direction. we are looking at a number of ways to curb paper use (currently 25,000 a week). I found that often people printed multiple copies due to the settings not...

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