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    Hi, I want to delete one column. Generaly It could be done like: Columns("AY:AY").Select Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft But how to do it in "With...." With sourceWb.Sheets("Sheet1") .Range("A1:B6").EntireRow.Delete LastRow = .Range("CW65536").End(xlUp).Row '....delete...
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    Going Loopy

    Hi all, struggling with concept of looping so could really do with your help My problem is this In one workbook I have a list (indeterminate number) of values which have been data sorted to group duplicates together. Eg JC000 JC001 JC001 JC001 JC002 JC002 In another workbook I hold a full...
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    VBA & Macros Book Code Sample Yields Error

    I'm using code from the VBA & Macros for Excel 2007 book and pg 255 to populate a userform using an advanced filter to get a unique list. The code hangs up at the line: "With.Me.lbCust". I'm getting an error "Message or Data Member not found". What am I missing?

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