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    CURE: Export more than 65000 lines access to excel

    Hi Guys, I thought I'd post a reminder of the cure to this problem. In case someone else searches for it. It was the bane of my existence yesterday. If your query or table has more that 65000 you can only export it without formatting. And you may have to create a new file name (it doesn't...
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    'Copy & Paste Without Formatting' Macro runtime error 1004

    Hi and thanks for all your help in advance. I created a macro with CTRL-V shortcut to copy text from websites and PDF's and paste them directly into Excel without formatting - just as text. Here is the VBA script and it works perfectly; Sub PasteWOFormatting() ' ' PasteWOFormatting Macro '...
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    Simple Solution? Force autofill without formatting?

    Hello - Is there any way I can set the default autofill to "without formatting"? I'm distributing a workbook to individuals using various versions of excel and don't want my 2 colored rows to get messed up when an autofill is used. Thanks for your help!

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